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2022 New Haval H6 SUV Amazing

Covid 19-person point of view of today’s Harvard H6 country version of the tide country tide edition version of what it is that it is based on the leading 2nd generation Hover H6 to create a model of an upgrade that he had in the intelligent side Some upgrade another case a problem with his new third-generation Hover H6 is broadcast over the same period sales of his positioning than three out of willow will be slightly lighter electric cars do not how we get is a 1.57 with models can surprise appearance throughout the entire design with its second-generation Harvard H6 is basically the same but made some adjustments in the details, such as the internet, said earlier in the micro-is a little

how to use the black wind throughout the two vehicles body color is red and the black lights and coupled with the contact surface of the decorative hair Guangdong online you can still surprise here is the back of the panoramic image of the camera adapt to its roof and then have a suitcase his window of this profile is also black with the red back of my car configuration and a local focus is a small print behind his back before drinking installed compared to the second generation Hover H6 fiction as we are all configured on Dali 19-inch tire is then that word front door and the rear cuisine what the most important change.

That he added a 235 very mainstream now through the end of the following is the type of bilateral co-two exhaust can not reveal we look out at his first overall size of the trunk that I think for a scene simply, the word size is OK back that you can put 46 ratio after the place is almost a pure space so I think the whole space is not too much to worry about on both sides of this two-day small map but in general the fire extinguisher under the cover of what is a very spare tire cause.

The entire size of the trunk only problem is that his whole lift is too high, OK to do inside the car when the first car that you will find a bright spot in the car door is all-inclusive so that the benefits of it is, rain and snow can prevent the foot of this position it advocated or fabric following this design is still very intimate, he sat inside a car into the eye is the large screen is also very mainstream piano paint design similar to 11 above on a floating amount is software that material of this bus stop there is to include a screen and then on the configuration inside the door panel of art really nice design, but a lot of features that you log in to a mobile phone APP Harvard account or phone number that your hand is not even found time to give you  OK it after you log in it you can unlock a lot of the functionality of the entire system he is a language of

cooperation Tencent to high moral map how to get there with a car phone on-board micro-channel IP also includes the National K song out of tune, etc. and so are many third-party functionality includes what you say you use the screen in the video I have of this girl up his car was stopped but the video Pro will continue his hero He continued with no image of the line of sight in order to allow you to drive safely on the road that will sound 33 minutes listening to the radio the same time continue to report this matter at the beginning of it he did not have time if you opened the car to his entire northeast feel no you may need something to listen to while driving is no problem with this is that he’s pretty Willowbank inside the screen or panoramic image function to open a virtual car is a piece of screen so the entire car in intelligence this is a piece of it, I think that this upgrade is still quite a useful function.

On another side you can see the other configurations can be automatic headlight wipers with the automatic steering wheel is on top of the steering wheel and automatic heating side of the parking on both sides of the seat it is OK overall software and hardware package performance SUV like a shot, but it should have all the best large electrically adjustable heated hot but the most simple is not 10 days as long as there is a very nice looking fish in his voice inside screen, you can control the opening and trying to hit his car seat heating are not the problem but I think the three-seat heating this winter with more in the world to give me a sword.

Tsui East Park again down the other side of the configuration, there is a USB a 12-volt power supply side can also charge for mobile wireless electronic Dangba behind must now give him good morning, accompanied by some of the features and the entire service when there is space left upper and lower levels of a steering wheel small Google can see here that there is a work environment that position through the middle on said have put the phone’s location here there is a small plug of Nestle may also download the entire mobile phone console because.

It is electronic so there you file behind an extra storage space is humble and two cup holders in the middle of this style is that it can also be opened when a storage space of the Beyond it there is a small opening inside the city’s blessing space is also very big I could buy a ticket you do not want to see the whole place which also can rely subtext OK to do back in the front row that I tuned my driving position is driven by the headspace fists can not have certain how the margin of a panoramic sunroof sitting in the second row of the permeability is very good to do it and then do the whole role of the hard and soft cushion.

Should be relatively modest and can find that very magical place it in the middle of this the role of his special position coin 1/2 soft so if I sat in the middle of that a little bit Oh ass forward as two lie down from this position is really doing quite a petrified ass is the middle but he was not big Although the bulge three rear-seat passengers did not ask that would be a problem I think he integrates the floor to lift it too high so that the relative distance is not working particularly on the legs of the manufacturers who will have the last prior to feel just a little ghost on this side of the rear seat passengers have music experience Weather Weather configuration is two USB power outlet and a rear positive our point of view we open up this car dynamics Feeling driving the car up and look at it first dynamic feeling this car is equipped with Harvard H6 3 of the same engine so the power of weapons bigger 169-horsepower 285 a parameter.

Then he’s the torque you feel very after obvious that he began to enter his cow was from a 400 how much the entire car is still very low in wear feel pretty good you drive in the city I feel very good then what his twin-clutch speed wet dual-clutch, etc. you ride but I think it is OK to change a little bit slow mail what you want is another middle on hard acceleration when shifting up production after his double-clutch downshift response of a system that I think he high speed is not enough.

When the noise emitted from Longchuan car after your voice is relatively large so I think it is the kind of fashion cars throughout the city, most of my power is no problem if you want to steal the car at high speed he is a dynamic response of a whole tone of this go back to the Buddha and you’ll remember the girls do not forget to develop such a feeling on the high-speed or lighter steering feel his whole way of catching up but overall a little bit but I think as a soft into the latter stage of the ISO for the home.

Then is no problem for me is that I think the car’s brakes whole foot is relatively soft tread depth must be a little bit to feel Xiaoqiang this stay the feeling intelligence aspects of this open up the car and still have a normal level of functionality to its TV segment is full of smart TV and so it is that he can support the entire car line Fota is born of him the whole dynamic driving privileges because of its location will help me to be a little lighter than the third generation s6 looked at the third generation of iPhone 6 plus a 5 high with how much money you can sell these days that definitely 1,034,900 tomorrow the car and then slightly cheaper a level I would want a level head so that he would be hundreds of thousands of the six Guochao board inside this price at this level, I think to have such a space and then the entire line using this intelligent Customized configuration.

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