2023 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06 – all you need to know + glorious noise

Welcome to America out there Los Angeles in here compact parking spaces into which someone has failed to squeeze one of those but let’s not worry about bad parking come and have a look at these look it’s the new corvette z06 and not just one but two a zo6 and a z06 with a z07 pack and yes I’m in America I’m going with z, not zed now at this point I’m going to assume that your knowledge of all this corvette is a little bit shaky think of it this way the corvette is america’sporsche 911 and just like Stuttgart’s finest it comes in an array of flavors there’s a 495 horsepower base car and then for the ones wanting a little bit more track action there’s the z06 that’s your gt3.

The z06 comes with a z07 pack.

The z06 comes with a z07 pack.

That’s your gt3 rs and here’s something else this corvette has in common with Porsche’s toughest nut it uses a high revving naturally aspirated engine that is rooted in racing and has nothing whatsoever in common with the small block v8 in the regular corvette, we’re going to concentrate on this one first because it’s a couple so you can see the engine that bit better now when the eighth generation corvette came out a couple of years ago it was a big deal because for the first time since 1953.

The iconic v8 wasn’t in the front.

The iconic v8 wasnt in the front.

it was in the middle and now for the z06 they’ve given it a smaller engine but made it faster much much faster
the regular corvette uses a 6.2-liter small block v8 but what you see here is an entirely new engine called the lt6
it’s a 5.5 liter developing 670 horsepower and that’s more powerful than the mightiest 911 so in essence.

The z06 is a gt3 rival with turbo S power.

The z06 is a gt3 rival with turbo S power. 1

I know you think all American v8s are about lazy low down torque so here are some facts this is a dry-sump flat plain crank v8 shared with the c8r gt racing car it revs to 8 600 rpm has titanium intake valves develop over 120 horsepower per liter and are the most powerful naturally aspirated production v8 in the world ever would you like to hear it core quite red in here isn’t it but let’s not worry about the interior let’s just do the engine to start with so now there’s a bit of a process that I have to go through to Revit I have to put it into gear then I have to press manual
then I have to pull both paddles then I can rev it listen to how fast it revs it’s brilliant because it’s sort of guttural and

American v8 low down but then pure Italian v8

American v8 low down but then pure Italian v8

Anger at the top end that’s pretty special right so while we’re in here and the echoes are dying away let’s talk around the cabin because it’s quite convincing actually yes this is the z06 says there’s a lot more carbon in here but the layout is interesting it feels different it also feels well made the seats are pretty good they’re maybe a little bit firm and I’d like to sink into them a bit lower but on the whole they’re good I’m just really not sure about this sort of hexagonal steering.

wheel but just because it’s a z06 doesn’t mean it does without the regular corvette’s

wheel but just because its a z06 doesnt mean it does without the regular corvettes

party tricks and one of those means that although this is a coupe it’s got a lift-out roof panel so let’s go ahead and do that so once you’ve got the latches were undone inside the two at the front and one at the back you can then just go ahead and lift that panel out and it fits into the rear boot like so but ah you’re thinking if I’ve put my roof in the boot I’ve now got no luggage space but you have come and had a look at this and best of all there’s an external relief and another boot under here but you’re not really interested in practicality.

This is the z06 so let’s look at the changes over the regular corvette.

This is the z06 so lets look at the changes over the regular corvette.

The main one is that it is nine centimeters wider overall and that’s meant the new front and rear body panels much wider tires these rears are three-four fives bigger brakes within them stiffer suspension and in the rear transaxle gearbox a shorter final drive ratio for better sprinting so if they’ve done.

This much for the z06 what have they done for the z07.

This much for the z06 what have they done for the z07.

This car has the z07 pack fitted the most obvious evidence of which is this wide carbon spoiler on the back deck
which more than doubles downforce from 165 kilos to 333 kilos but at 186 miles an hour which really you want your
downfalls at about 100 120 so it’s not really about the aero instead you need to know the suspension is 15 stiffer and
if we come down here you can see we’ve got different wheels and tires.

The pilot sport 4s’s have been replaced with cup 2rs.

The regular steel brakes are now carbon-ceramic the z07 pack is likely to cost around 10 000 and on top of that you can option these rather lovely carbon wheels which alone save 18 kilos it’s not a porky car yes it’s 150 kilos heavier than a gt3 but 1560 kilos in this day and age ain’t bad giving this a power to weight ratio of 429 bhp per ton when a gt3 is 360. so it’s fast naught to 60 in just 2.6 seconds although us Europeans have to take that with a pinch of salt because it includes a one-foot rollout which means it’s actually something like a three to sixty mile an hour sprint.

The z06 is likely to start at around ninety thousand dollars.

The z06 is likely to start at around ninety thousand dollars.

If you’re watching this and wondering how on earth that’s relevant to you well remember what ford did with the mustang they bought it to Europe and for a while it was our best-selling sports car even ahead of the Audi tt well corvette wants a slice of that action too and not just Europe they’re going to move the steering wheel to the other side and bring it to the UK now the best guess is that it’s going to cost at least as much in pound sterling as it does in dollars meaning this is probably a 100,000-pound car.

The question is this is a 2023 car.

The question is this is a 2023 car.

What a 911 gt3, if you can even get hold of one, is a hundred and thirty thousand pound car most mid-engine stuff is two hundred but when that’s the question this is a 2023 car which means it doesn’t even go on sale in us until next summer european sales that are a question corvette aren’t answering just yet this car has real potential naturally aspirated supercars, not just this and the 911 gt3 but other such luminaries as the ferrari 812 and the lamborghini huracan are likely on their way out and it’s somehow fitting that america a country that has always moved to a v8 rumble is producing something so magnificent as the sun goes down rumors suggest that a corvette e-ray hybrid is coming but it’s this the z06 that promises the most and deserves to be the one we remember you.

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