5 good reason to choose Hotel Management Courses


Hospitality  industry has become a promising and fast growing sector in modern times. After completing the hotel management courses candidates can work in cruise ship hotel management, Club Management, forest lodges, airline catering and cabin services etc. There are many hotels in the world where you can fulfil your dream. 

Students need to have a minimum of 10+2 years of education qualification from a recognized board for these courses. They need to secure minimum 50% marks in their 12th standard. Students also need to have “English” as a compulsory subject.The admission process is based on merit but some Institutions conduct entrance exams, interviews and skill tests. Student performance in these rounds determines the selection processes in the course. Many of you are wondering why to choose this course right?Then here is your answer-


1.Flexible work hours And Excellent Salary Package :

This is an industry where you don’t have a fixed time in a whole day. So,if you are in the hotel industry then you get an opportunity to work flexible hours.

In a post of a General manager candidates can get a really handsome salary package. Salary package also depends upon the location of the hotel. The starting salaries for a hotel manager can be 20,000 – 40,000. An Executive chef is also a great job profile in this course. Salary packages will increase as the years of experience.


2.Job Satisfaction And Early Responsibilities  :

From these job training candidates can get a fast growth in their career. Hotel manager manages the whole thing from the reception to catering, they need to take care of all things. Hotel managers also hire staff, setting the sales target, taking good care of the public relation etc. As a hotel manager your role will always be a people person. Your aim is to ensure that every guest who is staying in the hotel is happy and pleased. It’s your job to make people happy and pleased. So, after having the positive feedback and good reviews from customers this job will give you great satisfaction.You will achieve better results in your future.


3.Creative,Unique Openings:

There are many job profiles and descriptions in this industry. This will never be monotonous. One will never feel that they are stuck in a circle here. some of the most powerful and great job profiles are-


  • Event planner Or Coordinator:

Today when there is a birthday or a wedding or even a small party everyone needs an event planner. Hotel management candidates can start their own event management company, they can also join as an event planner or coordinator in another company to gather experience. Many hotels offer positions for event planners. Event planners need to take responsibility for all the hotel events. As an event planner you need to create each room unique. In the hotel management course the event planner position is one of the top trending career options in all over the country as well as the world. 


  • Sommelier:

Sommelier is actually a trained wine person. His/her specialisation is in wine service. They have knowledge about the different kinds of wines. They also need high level social skills. In the past few years this job has become more popular. People want to  know what they consume. So, A person who has a knowledge about all the wine is a sommelier.


  • Cabin crew:

As a cabin crew you need to ensure passengers safety and comfort. You need to be well trained for dealing with emergencies. In a job as a cabin crew once you gather some experience you will be able to earn a good salary. Part time jobs are available. One can also work in flexible hours. 


4.Volunteering and Develops Business Skills:

Collaboration is a good thing in hotel management. Engaging yourself in sports is a good way to enhance collaboration. These activities boost your teamwork spirit. 

This qualification also helps candidates to develop many hard and soft skills. Many amazing business skills are taught in these courses like- self awareness, self confidence, good communication skills, problem solving, leadership skills, team management,management skills, critical thinking, presentation skills, international job opportunities etc. A big international hotel always needs trained staff, and hotel management courses help to secure a job in these international sectors.


5.Social Media:

In modern times social media is going big and big. There is no denying that it has now become so popular. It needs some skills like generating good content, video editing, script writing, and spotting the trends. These skills can give you a successful career.  


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