Countless businesses around the world use vans for deliveries and a few other reasons. And while the cost of purchasing and maintaining petrol or diesel fleets can be astronomical, the new option of electric vans is the perfect solution. You will save a substantially on fuel consumption. Because electric motors are far more straightforward than petrol and diesel engines, EVs generally require less maintenance and repairs. What’s more, the overall durability of electric vehicles means you probably won’t have to replace your fleet anytime soon, if ever.

Electric van are an excellent choice for personal use and businesses due to their versatility and spacious interiors. While regular petrol and diesel vans remain popular, the new high demand for cleaner air and efforts to protect the planet increase, electric vans will surely take over the market soon. So, if you’re thinking about switching your regular van for an eco-friendly electric alternative, these are the six best-rated electric van models for 2021.

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter

The eSprinter van is the electric motor counterpart version of the award-winning diesel model. The vehicle is impressively user-friendly, and countless reviews prove that it offers a remarkably comfortable drive. This electric van is an excellent choice for low-speed, shorter trips, and it is a popular option for mega brands such as Amazon for this reason. However, the vehicle offers a 96mile driving range, which is why it’s not the best choice for long-distance journeys, although most electric vans have the same downfall.

Mercedes-Benz eVito

Mercedes-Benz is currently a leading brand in electric vans as they have released a few models, all of which are top-rated choices. However, the eVito model is slightly less capable than the eSprinter as the driving range is a bit lower at 93miles. Regardless, the van boasts a stylish exterior design and a luxury van interior, as most Mercedes-Benz vehicles do, to uphold the class and elegance of the brand. In addition, the eVito has a larger payload of 898kg, while the eSprinter is a lower 774kg. So if you are transporting large loads, the eVito is a better choice.

Peugeot Partner Electric

This electric van has a further driving range of 106miles with a smaller payload capacity of 695kg. This makes it a perfect choice for slightly lengthier nippy trips in built-up areas for deliveries. You will also find this model in two varying wheelbase lengths, L1 and L2, with the L2 offering slightly more cubic meters at 3.7 meters while the L1 only offers 3.3 cubic meters. Because of the two available model options, this electric van is an excellent choice for various types of businesses, and the average purchase price is quite impressive as well.

Renault Kangoo ZE

The Renault Kangoo ZE is currently dragging a lot of the market’s focus in terms of electric vans as the best choice for busy urban locations. The van has an incredibly impressive 170mile driving range, although it only offers a 640kg payload capacity. This electric van can charge to full capacity in just six hours on a 23A socket. At the same time, the van can charge to total capacity with a rapid charger in just one hour. Because of the fast charging time, this van is best for businesses looking to enhance delivery efficiency, as having to charge your fleet for hours on end can substantially affect processes.

Renault Master Z.E

There are six available versions of the Renault Master Z.E on the market, and it is considered the most extensive electric van. You will find models with varying roof heights and four-panel vans, confirming that it is the most versatile electric van to date. Depending on which model you opt for, some can handle a payload of up to 1.1tonnes. The van is also fitted with telematics and innovative fleet management systems, making it a perfect choice for businesses in the logistics industry. Once again, the various models available make this electric van brand an excellent choice as you can definitely find a model with specs that suits your needs.

Nissan e-NV200

The Nissan e-NV200 is based on the first original electric car, and it is a considerably reliable small van that is suitable for most businesses. The van has a 40kW battery, which provides a suitable driving range of about 174miles per full charge. However, the driving range is also dependent on a few factors, such as payload. What’s more, you can charge this van to total capacity in about eight hours, or with a high-capacity charging point, in roughly four hours. Although, you can get about 80% capacity in about half an hour of charge time. The Nissan e-NV200 provides about 4.2 cubic meters load volume, with a payload capacity of about 770kg at most.

Choosing The Right Electric Van For Your Business

Choosing the right EV van for your business can be a bit of a challenge, mainly because there are so many options available. Although, you can narrow down candidate EV vans by considering a few crucial factors. First, you should consider your budget, as some vans are more affordable than others. However, because you will be saving on fuel consumption in the long run, you may be able to pump up your budget a bit. Once you have determined your budget, the next essential factor to consider is driving range. Most electric vans cannot drive long distances as they are more suitable for use in built-up urban areas. However, some vans offer significantly further range abilities than others.

The following vital factor to consider is payload capacity. If your business is not delivering large payloads per trip, you could opt for smaller vans with a more extended driving range. On the other hand, if you are delivering smaller payloads, a larger van with a shorter range is more suitable in most cases. Once you have considered these crucial factors, you can significantly narrow down your selection to find the best electric van for your needs. After choosing the best electric vans for your business, you should also consider investing in fleet management systems to enhance efficiency.