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Auto car wash care system with dry steam the new and revolutionary system for car cleaning and sanitizing flexible practical and ecological twist eco carwash makes it easy and safe to use steam discover the incredible cleaning and sanitizing strength of this method in comparison you see the disadvantages of cleaning with a water jet twist eco carwash has many advantages over conventional cleaning you no longer have to look for the right detergent that will not damage delicate parts twist eco car wash consumes only 2 liters of water for each car without producing any wastewater twist does not require expensive wastewater treatment systems washing with water jet you must carry out many different tasks with twist eco carwash only to cleaning steps for the car body unnecessary

Spraying the steam at a safe temperature.

Wiping with a microfiber cloth twist also easily cleans windows and other delicate surfaces the steam polishes and degreases chrome parts and difficult to reach areas with twists eco car wash no halos remain when the surface is drying twist the void scratches on paint and leaves a bright and clean surface the steam makes the engine compartment as clean as new removing even the most stubborn dirt twists easily enters into the door frames that are difficult to clean with other methods without changing accessories without slowing down the rhythm of work and without producing overspray no other method is more effective to remove the dirt accumulated around the gaskets over the years turning your car as clean as a new one of the best uses of twist is the interior deep cleaning.

can be used on leather seats.

As well the steam sanitizes and deodorizes at the same time eliminating stains and bad smells from nicotine without the use of harsh chemicals the steam in combination with the powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner optimizes interior cleaning and dissolve stains and resistant deposits that are immediately sucked up twist is the fastest way to remove even the toughest stains from mats the twist eco car wash steam generator is ready to use in less than 10 minutes of preheating twist eco car wash can be supplied with two steam outputs so the two people can work simultaneously try the new and enjoyable twist method that saves the environment and keeps your clothes clean go green stand out from your competitors with a truly ecological and

Innovative washing system.

Twist means more satisfied customers prove your awareness for the environment with a chemical-free sanitation system thermal shock kills ticks and fleas that can hide in the upholstery and removes bacteria fungi and mites that cause allergic diseases expand your range of services be different from competitors offer new high value-added services such as engine cleaning twist doesn’t only wash standard vehicles steam is not abrasive and therefore is suitable for classic cars Deluxe limos or motorcycles without scratching delicate surfaces.

when your service to the customers home Ecsta.

The total absence of wastewater twists can be used where running water is not available special authorizations for water consumption are not required and twist to you’re in bay carwash customers will enjoy the quick cleaning of details while saving on chemicals add a low-cost car wash to your gas station in order to increase business for the cleaning of details to your customers while their cars are under review team twist a team of experts at service for cleaning fleet companies and it’s a profitable outsourcing service for car dealers to save time and money for a deeper cleaning wash more cars in less time with to steam outputs customize your workspace with a twist system twist eco carwash experience the future of car washing less water better results.