Benefits of Getting a Massage from a Certified Massage Therapist

Initially, massage therapy used to only be available at high-end spars or even health clubs. This made people view it as a luxury for the wealthy or a code word for illicit activities. Massage therapy is widely available and is viewed as a vital tool in promoting mental and physical health. So what is massage therapy? Well, massage therapy is a type of treatment that is done by a certified massage therapist who manipulates the soft tissues of body muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and skin. During this treatment, the certified massage therapist uses a variety of degrees of pressure and movement. Normally massage is generally considered part of integrative medicine. Recently massage therapy is being offered alongside standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations.

Screenshot 16There is a common misconception that massage therapy is only part of a spa day and intended for pampering oneself. Somehow this can be true for others, but it is usually used as a tool for stress reduction and pain relief.

Massage Therapy helps in stress relief and relaxation

This is usually the number one benefit of receiving massage therapy from a certified massage therapist. How is this possible? This is possible through several mechanisms such as relaxing painful muscles, tendons, and joints. Therapeutic massage helps in stress relief by stimulating competing nerve fibers and impending pain messages to and from the brain. Massage therapy can also involve deep tissue massage which to some will be painful. But, this can be solved by telling your certified massage therapist what type of touch you prefer. When the touch is lighter it can be more relaxing and thus more beneficial.

Massage therapy can also help in constipation relief

Massage therapy from a certified massage therapist can help alleviate constipation or other digestive issues hence eliminating your stomach discomfort. Recently there have been studies that have shown that abdominal massages have helped people who are dealing with post-surgery constipation move their bowels and feel a little better.

Massage Therapy can also help with intimacy between couples

Believe it or not, getting a massage from a certified massage therapist can help in improving the intimacy between you and your partner. Massage therapy is a treatment that is mostly about physical touch, this is a good thing because there have been studies that have shown that physical touch can lower blood pressure and also help increase hormones like oxytocin, which makes us feel relaxed. It is also believed that massages that couples give each other are beneficial for the giver and the receiver. So if you have a partner and you are both looking for a way to bond then it is not the worsts of ideas to break out some massage oil or even see a massage therapist and use it on each other.

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