Best winter treks in India


Witness the knee deep snow and brilliant white of dazzling snow in the Himalayas while trekking. The frozen lakes and the freezing mist on the trees are calling trekkers. Enjoy throwing snowballs at your best friend’s back. Time has come to schedule your winter adventure for the upcoming season if you enjoy everything about winters. All lovers of the outdoors are dawn to the mountains by their beauty, which is only heightened during the dead of winter.

  •  Triund Trek : –


Triund trek is perfect for a short weekend gateway in the Himalayas. The night camping is really enjoyable viewing Kangra Valley and Dhauladhar Range. While the trail is short, it’s steep. But every now and then, you will be able to catch your breath during easy, flat trials through Rhododendron, pine and Coniferous forests. The stunning sunsets that adorn Himachal’s skies and the starry evenings are the trek’s high points. Possibly the most straightforward solo Himalayan trip.. Perhaps the easiest Himalayan trek to do on your own. The breath taking views of the scenery is very picturesque. It is the ideal destination for hassle free trekking in the Himalayas. The steep climb is well compensated by refreshing amongst Rhododendron and Oak trees. And the various melodious songbirds in the forest can be heard along the trail which make it a delight for birdwatchers. 


Snow preventing you from reaching the peaks? Do not worry; we have some awesome alternatives that will allow you to go hiking even in the cold! You’d be astonished at the variety of possibilities available for hikers if you turned your gaze from north to south in India. These hikes, however, are not suitable for building snowmen.

  •  Brahmatal Trek : –


Trek at the height of 12,600 ft., you will find yourself reaching for those peaks with tour hand because that’s how close they appear from the Brahmatal summit. You can camp along the dazzling glacial lake under the keffiyeh of million stars. Located at Lohajung, one can view the Trishul, Nandaghunti, Chowkhamba, Nilkanth, Hathi and Ghoda park. During winter most of the alpine lakes on treks are out of bonds but on the winter Brahmatal lakes you not only trek to an alpine lake but also camp near it. What makes the Brahmatal journey unique is the chance to hike to such a lake in the winter.

  •  Goecha La : –


Goecha La is a high mountain pass in Sikkim India. It is located at 16,207 ft. above the sea level and comes under the Himalayan range. Sikkim’s winter trekking is a very different experience than trekking in the north. The trial of Goecha La trek is one of it’s kind. From the lush green forests to the snow laden campsites, this trek gives you a chance to experience nature at it’s best. There are various flora and fauna that is eye catching. The view of Goecha La is such mesmerising that it features on the 100 Rs note of Indian currency. The holidays trekking in the world’s one of the greenest meadows of Kanchenjunga is worthy. One can enjoying the soothing view of Samiti lake, mystical settings of Thanshing and an amazing view of sunrise from the Dzongri top. Last but not the least the natural beauty as you trek through the Kanchenjunga National Park, amidst thick forest of Rhododendron.

  •  Kundremukh Trek : –


Kundremukh is located 333 km away from Bangalore. The Kundremukh National Park houses the Kundremukh peak, which is the third highest peak in Karnataka. Kundremukh means “ horse head “. This place is also called the Himalayas of the south owing to it’s natural charm and serenity. The trek consists of with quite a surprising variety of topography on the way. Along with covering an altitude of 1,892 metres. During the trek one will be passing through coffee farms, rain forests, waterfalls and as many as 10 streams.

  •  Perumal Trek : –


Allure of the beauty of the Nilgiri Hills. Perumal is something which is worthy to trek. The Perumal trek even after all these years of active promotion is partially unexplored. The trekking can be done by the most novice trekkers, and also offers overnight camping options. The Kodaikanal mountain is so scenic that one can not miss the amazing view. The location is among Tamil Nadu’s Western Ghats mountain range. The natives think that the Peak was a volcano almost 1000 years ago. The Peak, which is 18 km from Kodaikanal, is a popular trekking location. Due to its natural splendour, adventurers and nature enthusiasts frequent this area. Additionally, it offers breath taking vistas of the Nilgiri Hills and Western Ghats. The naturalists’ and adventurers’ utopia is Perumal Peak. A whole day of enjoyment in these serene surroundings is possible.

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