Can I fly a drone to inspect my roof?

Drones eliminate the need for roofers to climb up to the roof. The contractor does not have to pay for any damage, and the customer can request an investigation.

The artisans are experts, so even though they may climb up to inspect the roof, they will see any potential problems and advise you to avoid stepping on them. There may be instances when you accidentally step on roof tiles that are deteriorating. These worries will vanish when you use a drone roof inspection your roof.

Lower risk of falling from a height

Drone inspections offer the benefit of eliminating the possibility of workers falling or tipping since they don’t need to be at heights.

Over 200 Japanese people are killed yearly by falling while working at heights. People have fallen to the ground while climbing onto the roof to fill empty paint cans. Increase.

Because of the nature and scope of conventional roof inspections, there are inherent risks to working at heights. A drone roof inspection can use a drone to inspect roofs. There is no need for scaffolding to be set up and climbing to the roof. Therefore, accidents like falling or being knocked down will not occur. Drones also have the unique advantage of preventing occupational accidents.

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Expected to increase sales and attract more customers

Drone roof inspections can also be a great way to increase sales and attract customers.

High-definition cameras are available for aerial drones, which allow precise and detailed inspections at a very low cost. Customers will trust you more when they see high-precision images. They will also appreciate the fact that your company is different from others.

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Some even claim that drone inspections of buildings have helped customers negotiate faster, resulting in increased profits.

A roof inspection by drone has its disadvantages.

Drone roof inspections are a great tool, but they have their drawbacks. Here are some disadvantages to using drones. Let’s examine the pros and cons of using drones to decide if we should get one.

Incapable of providing first aid during a check

Drone inspections are limited to inspecting the roof condition during flight. A drone roof inspection cannot take emergency measures at the scene. You can inspect the roof by climbing up and inspecting it. If you find small cracks in the roof material, you can repair them with caulking.

The drone cannot be repaired or used for emergencies as it has not been touched. However, a drone roof inspection will address this later. There are certain aspects of drones that can’t respond quickly to customer requests. Preparing for all possible treatments is important if you want an immediate response.

It takes time to become comfortable with steering.

Drones can be difficult to control and require patience for pilots to learn to use them.

A drone roof inspection can operate drones from the ground. Because of the differences between the scene that the pilot can see from below and the image captured by the drone’s camera, it is likely that your senses of left and right, front and back, left and right, up and down and left and right will be out of order.

To be able to see the world from different perspectives takes practice. Let’s start by practicing drone landing and takeoff, figure-of-8 flight, etc. At facilities that permit it or places where permission is not needed. It is important to select a drone services that is easy to operate.

Laws prohibiting flight, for example.

Regulations such as laws are the biggest bottleneck in drone flight. You could also be fined or imprisoned for not following the law.

Regulations governing drone flights include the Aviation Law and Law Prohibiting Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The next drone flights are not allowed by law, but in some cases, they are permissible.

( 1) Night flight

2) Fly beyond the visual line

(3) Sight (3) Fly around airports and to the National Diet Building

4) Fly in densely populated areas

Understanding the laws and regulations governing drone flight is essential. It is highly recommended that drone pilots go to a drone school. It would be beneficial to go to a school that is part of JUIDA, a management group that meets the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism requirements.

Could cause problems with neighbors

Despite drones being used for roof inspections, they are not yet recognized by society. Drones flying in the neighborhood can confuse and even create trouble.

Residents will be naturally surprised and anxious when they hear that a drone is flying and they are describing the incident. Some people are uncomfortable with drone operations, so that complaints can be filed.

It is a good idea to get the customer’s cooperation and have neighbors explain how drone roof inspection will carry out the roof inspection. It is possible to avoid many problems with neighbors by telling them what to do in advance.

Are you required to have a license to inspect a roof using a drone?

A license is not required for a drone roof inspection. There are, however, legal restrictions. You must notify the Regional Aviation Authority (or the airport office) at least ten days before your scheduled flight start date if you intend to fly close to airports or over 150m above sea level.

You must apply for road use permits or ordinances if you want to touch them. These legal and regulatory requirements can be considered a disadvantage to drones.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right drone for your roof inspection

Two things are important when choosing the best drone to inspect roofs: the aircraft’s stability and the quality of its photography performance.

A high-performance camera is also required for “high-quality photography performance,” as craftsmen cannot see roofing materials as closely as they used to. A powerful camera will make it easier to spot even tiny cracks and share them with customers via a tablet.

What is Drone Roof?

Drone Roof provides complete support, including the drone, tablet terminal, and flight permission application required to conduct roof inspections using a drone. We offer a complete package service, from drone selection to usage consultation after introduction. This allows contractors without drone roof inspection cost knowledge to leave the job to us.

Drone Roofer is simple to use

The Drone Roof can be piloted easily. The drone incorporates a technology called “tap control,” which allows anyone to fly it safely and easily.

Tap the screen to zoom in on the tablet device and inspect the problem areas. It is intuitively operated, so it doesn’t require practice to learn how to use drone technology.

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