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The all-new Honda CR-V has arrived in the showrooms and is priced between $21,200 and $26,800 depending on the variant. It is more upmarket than the CR-V it replaces and gets a variety of new features, from the eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system to a multifunction rear seat.

The all-new Honda CR-V has arrived

The showrooms and is priced between $21,200 and $26,800 depending on the variant. It is more upmarket than the CR-V it replaces and gets a variety of new features, from the eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system to a multifunction rear seat.

The result is a very versatile vehicle

One that many owners should appreciate. We tested the top-end EX variant that has everything but the kitchen sink, with features such as electric front windows, adjustable rear sunshades, a satnav, an automatic rear door lock, leather upholstery, and a fully electric sunroof.

It is essentially a nine-seat sedan.

with a retractable rear bench seat that slides sideways and a six-speaker audio system. The car costs about $6,500 more than the outgoing version but it is almost exactly the same size. It looks a little more luxurious but it is still just about the right size to take the family for a drive.

Even though the top-spec CR-V

costs just over $37,000 it is still relatively affordable, especially compared to an equivalent class SUV, such as the Mazda CX5 or Hyundai Tucson. The big difference is that both of those vehicles use an independent suspension setup. The CR-V uses a steel suspension, which is one of the most expensive parts of any car but it is also much better. The Hyundai suffers a lot in the corners but the CR-V has superb composure all around the road. The Honda is certainly not a sports car but it feels like it has just as much grip as a much larger car. It is therefore very easy to drive fast without causing any headaches.

The cabin feels solid and expensive, with impressive quality throughout.

Even though it has a very basic interior it has top-spec equipment such as LED headlights, leather upholstery, and a touchscreen infotainment system. All of the controls are hard-wired to the infotainment system but there is an electronic display as well. The touch screen is responsive and you can even browse the car’s functions through voice commands.

The top-spec EX model has air suspension for better road manners.

The result is a much smoother ride than in the low-slung CR-V that is equipped with a soft suspension setup. There is no difference in the ride quality of the two cars when driving at high speeds but on smoother roads, the CR-V has much more comfort. The EX is a much smoother vehicle than the base model but it still lacks the interior quality that you might expect in a car of this price. The EX also comes with bigger wheels and tires, as well as a keyless entry. The CR-V is quite a popular model and it would not be at all surprising to see Honda increase the number of variants that it offers.

The new CR-V is much better to drive

The old car offers much better road manners. There is much more comfort in the cabin and the ride is more refined. In its new shape, the car is slightly smaller than the old one and does not have a ton of interior space. The result is that it does not feel as spacious as its predecessor, especially in the back where there is a lot less space for adults. It has a few nice touches but is otherwise a little crude. We used the car to transport our three-year-old son for several hours and he liked the ride and the interior. We do think that the CR-V looks a little plain, which could mean that it will not get a lot of owners, especially those in more upmarket areas.

It would be a good car to drive

Long distances but that are not what it is designed to do. It has a 1.5-liter turbo engine that produces 144 horsepower, which is good for a 5,600-pound vehicle. It has a manual gearbox with six speeds. You also get a new six-speed automatic with a dual-clutch transmission that is capable of shifting gears faster than in manual-equipped cars. The combination of the manual and automatic gearboxes is particularly good and it takes a lot of strain off of the driver.

The CR-V is very easy to drive

You also have the option of an all-wheel-drive system which has a torque-based steering setup. The CR-V is very easy to drive and the CVT gearbox can be programmed to be easier to operate, although in our experience that was not the case. However, it is possible to change the CVT setup, so that it behaves like a traditional automatic and does not shift in the wrong gear when you lift off the gas. This made the driving experience better and we did not have to be constantly stopping to avoid stalling the engine. The manual gearbox is also smooth and fairly easy to operate.

The CR-V is a great family car.

It has decent handling, excellent road manners, and strong performance in the corners. It is quite a practical car and it has great fuel economy as well. The car is simple and straightforward, easy to operate, and a good choice for families. We think that the CR-V is a great choice for families looking for an affordable family vehicle. The Toyota RAV4 is the best one and it does not offer the same level of comfort and quality as the CR-V. However, it has much bigger tires and a more powerful engine and it costs a bit more than the CR-V.


we do not think that you can do much better with the CR-V, especially with its pricing which is very competitive. We would like to see more features for a little more money, but you will probably have a hard time convincing some people that the price is worth paying for more comfort. There is no shortage of choices in this category and Honda offers more options than most. If you want to go for an SUV, you would be advised to compare it to other cars such as the CR-V, Honda Pilot, and Toyota RAV4. The Honda CR-V is a great car, so we can only recommend it. It has a modern design, solid quality, and impressive performance in all of its models.

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