Common Mistakes in Flea and Tick Prevention

Don’t make these mistakes when it comes to Your Pet’s Tick and Flea Prevention

You can’t recall that last time when you pulled a tick from your pet or brushed the flea off your cat? That’s great! But that doesn’t mean you’re free to let down your guard when it comes down to security. Are Birds Mammals? Protecting your pet from parasites that can cause illness and discomfort requires precision and perseverance. Beware of these mistakes that are common to ensure your pet is well.

My pets are able to take breaks from their treatment during the winter months.”

Many pet owners use treatments to prevent fleas and ticks in the warmer months. They stop once colder weather begins to set in. This isn’t recommended.The ticks and fleas are at their best in hot climates However, the patterns of weather and the season for ticks and fleas differ from region to region.

The South as well as hot and humid areas are prone to this parasite all year. Generally speaking, ticks and fleas thrive in temperatures of 40 to 50 degrees. They begin to diminish in activity once temperatures begin to become cool.First frosts are typically an accurate indicator that the this season of ticks and fleas are gone, especially in northern states. However, sudden warm spells could occur across the nation, allowing ticks and fleas to return. 

It’s fine to skip an dose every now and later.”

The incorrect use of preventatives will usually cause pets to not receive sufficient protection. Each instruction should be thoroughly read even if the item was previously used it, since they could have changed. If you’re not sure, you can call your veterinarian for help.Can Dogs Have Broccoli

If you find yourself forgetting the monthly treatment for your pet’s skin or oral medication, For instance, you can set reminders on your home calendar as well as in your smartphone. You can also try treating your pet on the same day each month to help it be easier. Be careful to be sure to read the label on the frequency. Certain brands, such as Bravecto can be found in chewable tablets that last for 12 weeks. Since months span Between 28 and 31, the duration of 12 weeks differs from three months. This could cause a few days of your dog not being protected.

“It’s acceptable to mix the treatments.”

The best results are when they are administered consistently, therefore altering the preventative may affect the effectiveness of the product.Although it may be tempting to purchase something in the sale section at the pet supply shop every month, stay with the same item as long as it’s effective and your pet accepts it well. Can Dogs Have Broccoli Talk to your veterinarian about the most suitable and effective treatment.

“I can offer my dog the same care that I give my dog.”

Cats should not be allowed to receive products that are labeled specifically for dog. Certain products for dog owners can be harmful to cats. It could make a cat very sick, or end their lives.Cat owners should only apply products designed for cats and dog owners should only apply products that are specifically designed for dogs. If you accidentally applied a pet product on your pet, notify your veterinarian right away.

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