Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek 2020


Dudhsagar waterfall is one of India’s highest waterfalls and a popular hiking destination for both Indians and foreign tourists. You’ll find a cause to get lost in the gorgeous woodland rainforest here, and you’ll be able to satisfy your hiking and nature cravings. Dudhsagar means “sea of milk” because the waters from the mountain descend in large amounts and resemble milk. This guide will be useful if you are planning a walk to Dudhsagar Falls in Goa. It is a comprehensive handbook for planning the Dudhsagar trek. You can aslo visit rafting in rishikesh.


  • The monsoon season, a favorite of hikers, has come. One of the reasons we appreciate this season is that we can observe nature in a greener, more colorful, and clearer state. 


  • We like seeing the water pearls on the leaves and the water drops on our faces. This page is for trekkers who are continuously seeking new places to hike.


  • This Dudhsagar waterfall hike is best accomplished on foot. If you can walk 5-6 hours without stopping, you should do it, and we will provide you with information. There are two approaches to starting a journey. 


  • Either start a hike from Kulem train station, which is the most convenient alternative for Mumbai and Pune residents or start a trek from Castlerock railway station, which is the most convenient option for Bangalore residents.


How can I go to the Dudhsagar Waterfall by rail from Mumbai or Pune?


You must go from Mumbai to Kulem railway station since there is no direct train service. You must first go to Madgaon, Goa railway station, and then board a passenger train to Kulem from Madgaon, Goa. The number of Madgaon-Kulem passengers is relatively low.


Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trek from Kulem


  • Once you reach Kulem railway station, don’t forget to buy a life jacket on rent which is available near Jeep Stand as you will need this on Dudhsagar Waterfalls Swimming Site as the water is deep and it’s compulsory if you want to enter that water.


  • To reach Dudhsagar Waterfall Campsite from Kulem you have two options. One is by mud road trek, and one is by railway track trek.


  • The distance from Kulem railway station to Dudhsagar Waterfall Campsite by mud road trek is 12 km, and it will take 4 to 6 hours on one side.


  • The railway track walk from Kulem railway station to Dudhsagar Waterfall Campsite is 11 kilometers long and takes 4 to 6 hours one way.


  • You may hike on both off-road dirt roads and train tracks. Begin the trip by following the railway track to Sonalium railway station, then joining the mud off the road to Dudhsagar falls.


  • Please keep in mind that you can follow the Google Map route, but not the trip time. We gave the approximate travel time above.


When is the best time to see Dudhsagar Falls?


If you want to make the most of your visit, go after the monsoons (October to February), when the trek is not as dangerous as it is during the rainy season. Also, going on the trek during the summer is no fun since the waterfall is dry and the view isn’t as spectacular as it is during the monsoons or the period immediately thereafter.


Goa’s Dudhsagar Falls


  • Dudhsagar Falls, located on the Mandovi River, is part of a 240-square-kilometer protected area that includes the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and the Mollem National Park. It is a four-tiered waterfall at the state line between Karnataka and Goa. 


  • It is also one of India’s highest waterfalls, standing around 1000 feet above the earth.


  • The clean white water is the first thing you will notice about the waterfall. It seems to be milk cascading down a cliff, thus it’s no surprise that the waterfall was named Dudhsagar (the phrase ‘Dudhsagar’ literally means a sea of milk).


Day 1 Itinerary


10:00 a.m.: Report at the Dadar TT circle and take a taxi to Pune; additional pickup spots are listed above.

03:00 AM: Arrive at Pune station and wait for our next train to Kulem, which departs at 4:30 PM.

03:30 PM: Reporting for Pune residents


Day 2: Overnight train ride to Kulem


05:00 AM: Arrive at Kulem station for briefing and introduction.

05:30 AM: We begin our journey to Dudhsagar.

06:30 AM: 07:00 AM: Eat breakfast Continue your journey to the Waterfall.

10:00 a.m.: Arrive at the waterfall, spend some time there, and take pictures. Have a snack.

10:30 AM: Begin your journey back to Kulem.

02:30 PM: Arrive at Kulem station, have lunch, and rest.

03:30 PM: Travel to Madgaon to catch a train to Mumbai or Pune.

Train to Pune departs at 4:30 p.m.

Train to Mumbai departs at 04:45 p.m.


Day 3


04:15 AM: Arrive at Pune station

04:05 AM: Arrive in Panvel 04:52 AM: Arrive in Thane 05:17 AM: Arrive in Dadar 05:50 AM: Arrive in CSMT


Dudhsagar Waterfall Trekking Activities


  • Enjoy the tour via the Railway Tunnel and Tracks.
  • You will be pursuing the Western Ghats woods of the Sahyadri mountain range while trekking to Dudhsagar falls. Nature’s green splendor will be shown to you.
  • You must pass through a railway tunnel bordered by green moss. You’ll like the walk down the train track.
  • This experience distinguishes and distinguishes Dudh Sagar Falls from other hiking destinations.


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