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Electric SUVs Coming out in 2022 – Game-Changers to the EV market!

Every year the lineup of new all-electric cars continues to get more capable bigger and efficient in 2022 a slew of pure electric models are set to debut from traditional automakers to startups with SUVs and crossovers by far the most popular vehicles in America it’s not surprising that there’s a long list of forthcoming electric entrants in that format now let’s discover the most exciting electric crossovers hitting the u.s streets in 2022 plus find out why 2022 is the year evs are going to sell in record numbers and potentially how you can own one for less than the invoice price before.

Subaru salter

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the soltera is subaru’s first ever electric vehicle it combines a two motor electric powertrain to form a symmetrical all-wheel drive system and offers 8.3 inches of ground clearance for weekend adventurers wanting to venture down dirt trails the combined output of the motors is 215 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque and the auto maker estimates the range to be more than 220 miles subaru says the battery can be charged to 80 capacity in less than an hour using dc fast charging in public places the company teamed up with toyota to co-develop the platform for this electric crossover.

Which is also planned to underpin other feature models subaru hasn’t announced the pricing for the 2023 saltera but it is expected to be between 37 000 and 45 000 based on the trim and expected to hit the dealerships in 2022 mercedes-benz eqb mercedes-benz is preparing an onslaught of new electric suvs and sedans over the next few years but if any of its models are going to sell in real numbers it won’t be the 100 000 eqs sedan or the undoubtedly more expensive electric g-wagon the eqb though has a real shot the company’s first electric suv for the us the eqb suv will check a lot of boxes for a lot of people,

It’ll have seating for seven a smallish footprint and a more approachable starting price somewhere around fifty thousand dollars when it goes on sale in 2022 the eqb will be offered in two variants eqb 300 4matic and eqb 350 4matic both are powered by a 66.5-kilowatt hour battery and two electric motors and as their names suggest both have all-wheel drive when hooked up to a dc fast charger the eqbs can go from a 10 to 80 state of charge in 31 minutes and mercedes-benz estimates a driving range of about 260 miles though that’s using the notoriously optimistic european wltp test cycle

Hyundai ioniq 5

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the Hyundai ioniq 5 is a new all-electric hatchback light compact crossover to come out in 2022 customers will be able to select a single motor rear-drive version with 225 horsepower or a two-motor all-wheel-drive variant with 320 horsepower Hyundai targets the rear-drive model having a range of 300 miles the all-wheel-drive se and sel trims cut the estimated distance to 269 miles and the limited all-wheel-drive trim should go 244 miles on a charge with 800 volts of operating voltage the ionic 5 has the same type of advanced electrical architecture as the Audi e-tron gt and Porsche ti cam however as it stands its battery has a smaller usable capacity the ionix pack supplies 77.4-kilowatt hours and can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in around 18 minutes when plugged into a dc fast charger the Korean automaker is partnering with electrifying America to provide two years of complimentary access to the largest public fast-charging network in the u.s

BMW ix

1 BMW iX 40 first drive

The ix is bmw’s new electric flagship suv designed from scratch and a showcase for the automaker’s latest tech it’s nothing like any bmw we’ve seen before with its massive grille squared off the steering wheel and wrap-around floating touch screen according to the car maker the ix will have 516 horsepower and employ two motors to give it all-wheel drive capability and it will sprint from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds the ix sports a large 111.5-kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack that bmw says will offer around 300 miles of driving range per charge dc fast charging capability will be standard and the ix can recharge from 10 to 80 percent in just 35 minutes when hooked up to a 200-kilowatt connection bmw has partnered with evgo to provide a network of public charging stations for the ix drivers but the suv will be able to charge on other popular networks as well as through a level 2 home charging station the ix is roughly the same size as the current x5 and starts at 84 000 with standard all-wheel drive bmw’s all electric crossover should go on sale in early 2022

Cadillac lyric

2023 Cadillac Lyriq w1

the Cadillac lyric showcases next-generation styling for the brand and introduces a new modular electric platform along with an ultimate scalable battery architecture it’s roughly the length and width of the Cadillac xt6 crossover but the lyric has a much different profile being six inches lower in height and riding on a wheelbase that’s nine inches longer the dominant feature in the cabin is a curved 33 inch led display that stretches from the instrument panel all the way to where the infotainment screen is traditionally placed the initial lyric is a 340 horsepower rear drive model with a 100 kilowatt hour battery a combination that the automaker estimates are good for at least 300 miles of range gm claims it is capable of 76 miles of range in about 10 minutes in dc fast-charging stations and the company plans to streamline the charging experience for its owners through collaboration with seven charging networks that will open up app based charging at nearly 60 thousand charging connectors in us and canada production starts in early 2022 at the spring hill Tennessee facility and the all-electric SUV is expected to hit dealerships in the summer with a base price of sixty thousand us dollars it’ll compete directly with the tesla model y jaguar i-pace and Audi e-tron before

KIA ev6

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The KIA ev6 is built on the hyundai motor group’s electric global modular platform and thus shares much of its hardware with Hyundai’s ionic 5. this 5 passenger crossover has already started to roll out globally but it doesn’t officially arrive in the states until early next year in the u.s the compact crossover will initially arrive in three flavors there are two rear-wheel drive variants one with a 58-kilowatt hour battery making 167 horsepower and one with a 77.4-kilowatt hour long range pack good for 218 horsepower finally the all-wheel drive version combines the big battery with dual motors for a total of 313 horsepower range hasn’t been announced for the specific configurations but Kia states up to 300 mile targeted range depending on trim selected the even more powerful ev6 gt lineup will arrive later next year that bad boy will have 576 horsepower and a 0 to 60 mile per hour time of just 3.5 seconds a neat feature on KIA and Hyundai’s egmp platform is bi-directional power which means it is capable of powering other equipment or serving as an emergency power source.

Your home nissan aria nissan has finally released specs and prices

Nissan Ariya 2021 1600 12

The upcoming aria model in the u.s market as well as has opened the reservation books it’s the long-awaited new electric crossover from Nissan and first customer deliveries are expected in fall 2022. Nissan says there will be four variants of the aria in us the venture plus trim offers up to 300 miles of driving range per charge the evolve plus and premier models offer up to 285 miles per charge and the top-spec platinum plus is supposedly good for up to 265. all trims in us are equipped with the same 87-kilowatt hour usable battery pack the aria will be capable of charging at home on 110 or 240-volt outlets as well as at public charging stations and even dc fast charging ports it has a starting price of forty-six thousand dollars for the venture plus trim and the price goes all the way up to fifty-nine thousand dollars for the platinum plus trim for the first ten thousand reservation holders Nissan has prepared a two-year free ego membership plus 500 in charging credits upon purchase genesis gv60 the gv60 is the first of genesis

Hyundai ioniq 5 and the KIA ev6

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electric SUV and shares its EGM platform with the Hyundai ioniq 5 and the KIA ev6 while its underpinnings aren’t bespoke it does feel different enough from its more affordable siblings to justify its more premium price tag inside the gv60s cabin looks decidedly premium with a large monolithic display screen serving as both gauge cluster and infotainment system it uses cameras instead of traditional wing mirrors these cameras send live images through two screens in the cabin and they appear to work very well three different power trains will be offered to start with a rear-wheel drive setup that consists of one 225 horsepower electric motor and graduating to an all-wheel drive arrangement with dual motors making a combined 314 horsepower a performance model will also be offered with two motors standard all-wheel drive and a combined horsepower rating of 429 genesis claims that the top model will be capable of hitting 60 miles per hour in just four seconds the base rear-wheel drive gv60 will offer the most driving range per charge at an estimated 280 miles going with all-wheel drive drops the range estimate to 249 miles per charge and if you want the performance model the range for that one is claimed at 229 miles all versions come with the same 77.4-kilowatt hour battery pack genesis says us deliveries are expected to start sometime in 2022 we expect a starting price of around fifty five thousand dollars

Rivien r1s


Rivian is an American EV startup that is ready for the big time the company just had a massive IPO and already backed by amazon ford and cox automotive the rivian r1s SUV will be the second ribbon to hit the market following the r1t truck it’s promising to be a particularly adventurous premium SUV with an all-electric powertrain with up to four motors boasts a stylish exterior high-tech interior and astounding capabilities that will make the r1s one of the most competitive SUVs on the market rivien will eventually offer two different battery packs on the r1s but the launch edition comes with a 135 kilowatt-hour pack rivien says this pack should deliver around 316 miles of driving range a larger 180-kilowatt hour battery pack will be available as an option starting late 2022 and it will come with a claimed driving range of about 400 miles just like tesla’s supercharging network rivien is building its own dc fast charging stations called rivian adventure network it will be capable of adding up to 140 miles of range in 20 minutes for r1 vehicles these chargers will connect cities along popular routes across the u.s and canada and will extend into more remote off-road destinations

Toyota BZ-4x

TOY bZ4X 2021 PRELAUNCH HUB BRAND IMG Lifestyle 01 scaled 1

The Toyota bz 4x electric SUV was designed alongside the Subaru saltera and built on a shared platform sized much like a Venza the bz4x comes in two powertrain configurations the front drive version uses a single 201 horsepower motor and has a 71.4 kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery good for an estimated 250-mile range the all-wheel drive version uses two motors with a ombined 215 horsepower output and a 72.8-kilowatt hour battery as with other evs having the large battery pack under the floor lowers the center of gravity and should contribute to handling agility the bz-4x will be the first toyota to feature the Toyota safety sense 3.0 adding more sophisticated functions to the already comprehensive 2.5 suite Toyota’s all-electric bz4x is expected to hit Toyota showrooms in mid-2022 with an estimated starting price of 37 000 at the time of making this article the us senate and the house are working on the build back better bill which includes up to twelve thousand five hundred dollars in a refundable credit for qualifying evs if this bill gets signed in the current format it can significantly in crease the eb sales in us in the forth coming year but we have to see how that plays out.

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