Everything About Different Types Of Nicotine In A Nutshell

Vaping can be fun and all until you are not aware of how much information you are missing. For an ideal experience, you should know your needs and wants. Choosing the exact product can take a hefty amount of time. But when it comes to vaping, especially the new popular disposable vapes, getting informed is necessary. Vape brands disposable and other regular vapes contain various ingredients. Checking what is inside should your device should be a ritual. Of course, you can not be inhaling any cheap stuff. You must be thinking, what is all the concern about? Before we answer your question, tell us one thing honestly. Do you not go through the content of food accessories to check nutrients and calories? If your answer is yes, you should not be negligent when buying a vape because this thing is about your health. And what do they say? Health is wealth. So without boring you much with common but factual phrases. We will move on to why you should take an insightful glance at the vape composition.

Why is it necessary to go through vape content?

We know that peeking through the contents of any product can be overwhelming for some. It can confuse you for a few minutes, which is indeed frustrating. However, if your health, actual requirement, and money matter the most to you. Then, you will not be risking your health, compromising your needs, and wasting money on vain things. 

Knowing what is inside of the vape device is necessary because there are many aspects of vaping. Because there is a bulk of vape varieties in the market, choosing what you want can be challenging. From different kits and coils to other batteries and e-juices, everything varies. But do not get stressed out and think about going back to cigarettes. Why? Because you are fortunate enough to be still reading the blog. We will introduce you briefly to one of the most important aspects of choosing your vape. That ingredient is none other than nicotine. So let us kick off with the main types of nicotine.

Main types of nicotine

Nicotine (NCT) is the ingredient that became the central cause of the switch from cigarettes to vaping. It is added to all those alternatives that help smokers quit smoking. It is also added to one of the most popular Vapes- Disposables. However, it has various forms. Following are the main variants of nicotine.

  1. Freebase nic

Simply put, this kind of nicotine is the purified nicotine salt version. It is prepared by going one step ahead of nic salt. To turn the nicotine into freebase nic, the salt from the tobacco plant is converted into pure from. 

For whom is it suitable?

If you are a beginner, go for nicotine salt rather than freebase. However, if you are a former heavy smoker, your requirement will be high mg of nicotine. Such high levels can be consumed easily through freebase kind of nicotine.

  1. Nicotine Salt

The second kind, primarily used in disposable bars, is nicotine salt. This is the most natural form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. It is further processed and mixed with various other things to make it edible in e-liquids. It is present mainly in disposable vapes.

For whom is it suitable?

Undoubtedly, salt nicotine is ideal for newbies. It allows high levels of nicotine without being harsh on your throat. In short, it will replicate the cigarette craving without making you cough or choke.

  1. Synthetic nicotine

This type of nicotine is not extracted from tobacco leaves. It is prepared synthetically in a laboratory. It is generally used to prepare nicotine gums, patches, and other products. It is also known as tobacco-free nicotine.

For whom is it suitable?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to tobacco-free nicotine. It is free from all the impurities of the tobacco plant. It is addictive like any other kind of NCT. So, anyone can go for it. 

Always remember that you should use nicotine to quit something much more harmful. Because at the end of the day, it is also addictive.


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