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How to promote your contest on Instagram

Running a contest or giveaway is one of the best ways to engage your audience, drive meaningful actions, and grow your business.Giveaways and contests can be a great marketing tool, but you must actively promote them. Buying Instagram Followers

You have many options, but Instagram is the best channel to promote your campaign.Instagram offers visually appealing promotions that can be integrated into the social media landscape and connect users in a meaningful manner. We’re going to show you how to promote your contest on Instagram. Buying Instagram Followers

Insta Post: Run your contest

Running a giveaway on Instagram is the fastest and most efficient way to promote a giveaway.

You can make it easy for users to participate in giveaways by posting to Instagram and asking them to like the post, follow your page, or tag friends in the comments. These are great ways to increase your Instagram following and expose your Instagram account to new audiences. Buying Instagram Followers

Link to your content from your Instagram bio

You have limited options for the actions and audience that you can encourage. It can be a tedious task to manage entries manually.

We recommend you use a third-party contest app such as Contest Monkey to host your next Instagram contest. This will enable you to attract more people from high-value sources, including Instagram, and allow you to take more decisive actions. Buying Instagram Followers

Promote your Instagram giveaway in your bio

You can promote your Instagram contest by featuring a link in the bio that takes users to your contest page or hosted landing page.

Announce Your Contest Link

Instagram does not allow you to add links to captions. Your best strategy for driving traffic to your contest on Instagram is to include a clickable link to your bio. You can then use your posts to promote your campaign and announce that users have access via your bio. Buying Instagram Followers

Promoting posts should focus on announcing the campaign and getting people excited about it. Make it clear that users can enter the contest via the link in their bio.

Description of your Contest

Ensure you clearly state what prize you are giving away and how to enter your contest. It would help if you also informed users about any Instagram actions they must take, such as following you or tagging their friends. Buying Instagram Followers

This can be done in the description of your image and reserved for your prize. Or, you can dedicate your image to telling people about your campaign.

Visual stimulation is a great way to stimulate your visual senses

Instagram is a visual platform, so you must use appealing visuals to promote your contest. Bright colors are best, so make sure you use well-composed photos and only focus on images that are relevant to your campaign.

It is a good idea to keep your prize in mind. You should have a fantastic promotional image that catches people’s attention. It should compellingly show your award.

Highlight your Prize

Your prize will be the incentive users use to participate in your contest. People will do anything to win your bonus if they want it.

Your prize must be prominently displayed in your promotional materials. Use images, videos, and descriptive language to show off your award and all it offers. To encourage entry, make your prize attractive. Buying Instagram Followers

Carousels are a great option.

Using a Carousel, you can showcase your prize and give more details about your contest. It allows you to display multiple images in one post.

This tactic is excellent if your prize package includes a lot of information and you want to show it off, or if you have a campaign you need to explain in detail.

Use videos and gifs

Videos and GIFs are another great way to increase the engagement of your promotional posts. This is an excellent way for people to notice and draw attention to your campaign. Buying Instagram Followers

Videos and GIFs can add visual flair to your post or give people a quick overview of the contest.

Ask users to tag their friends.

Your contest posts will only be seen by those who follow you on Instagram. These loyal users are crucial for the success of your campaign. However, to maximize participation, you must connect with other users.

Asking users to tag friends in comments is a simple and effective way. This will make you more visible to a broader audience. It also encourages new users to join your site, who could become customers or long-term followers.

Incentivize Viral Shares

Viral Share action is another great way to increase your reach and connect to relevant new users. It awards bonus contest entries to those who share the campaign with their friends.

Giveaway campaigns with viral share action

This allows you to maximize participation and start a cycle for social referrals to get your content (and your brand) in front of a large audience.

Utilize Hashtags

Use relevant hashtags to draw people to your campaign and get more attention. This will help you gain extra attention. Use hashtags like:

While this may appeal to some people who want to win prizes, it could also attract others who are interested in your brand. However, if you give away your product or another appropriate compensation, you should be able to connect with the right users. Buying Instagram Followers

It’s a good idea if your prize has a popular hashtag. This will allow you to find people interested in what you’re giving away.

Here are the Best Hashtags to Use in 2019

These are the Best Hashtags to Use on Instagram
Learn all about the top hashtags to engage and extend your reach. Buying Instagram Followers

Create A Unique Hashtag

It’s a brilliant idea to create a hashtag for contests that require users to submit their images.

This will make it easier to track entries and will also help you increase engagement and traction. It will also make it easier for people to submit images or check others’ entries.

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