How do I find the best used car

Used car dealers near me

I think a dealer near my place is my best bet. This way I can get there right away. Plus the dealer will already be expecting my car, so I’ll know my options. I do have a car at home that I was looking to sell in the hopes I would have a chance to buy a used car near me.

After all, the dealer will have me as a potential buyer, right?

I decided to get rid of my car. The gas alone was getting expensive. Plus my car has an 8-year-old car in a condition that is close to looking like it’s been in a crash. So that was my last trip to the dealers. After the car was sold to the dealership near me, they were super eager to get my car into the shop.

I now just needed to get the car there!

The dealer called the seller to get the car’s release paperwork that was filed with my insurance. That was just what I needed to finalize my deal. The next thing I knew, the car was in the dealership, ready to be picked up. They then gave me a route I needed to drive to get to my new home near me. It was going to take around 10-15 minutes to get there. I had planned on driving at night since there was almost no traffic. I was surprised that the dealership had a delivery driver help me with the car.

That was something I did not see coming.

I actually went inside to get a sense of how busy it would be before taking my car. I was going to take the delivery vehicle that was outside my new apartment. That was the best way to go since the driver knew my exact route to get to my apartment.
1. The car was pretty close to being driven, which was great.
2. The driver was already waiting for my arrival.
3. The car was delivered and all I had left to do was unload it at my new home near me.
4. I parked the car right behind my apartment. So I just needed to go up a few steps to my apartment door.
5. In total, that car was nearly paid for, which saved me hundreds of dollars in car payments.

My one regret?

I didn’t have the car moved to my new home earlier, that would have saved me over $300 a month in car payments. I really needed to get that car moved a few weeks earlier. I’m just glad I was able to take my car to the new dealership in time to be approved for the car. Even if I hadn’t been approved for it, it still would have cost me around $450 in moving expenses.

I would have saved over $1,500 in moving expenses if I just moved the car a few weeks earlier.

I ended up paying about $50 more for the car. The dealership provided me with a copy of the new car’s registration and title. I thought I would need to do a title search on the car after I bought it, but I didn’t.

Because of that, I could drive the car right away without the registration or title.

That was something I would have needed to do if I had used the dealership that had to use a car valet to get my car to my new home.

Lessons Learned

For starters, it’s a lot better to use a dealership that will give you a car valet to move the car, rather than having to do it yourself. I’ve learned that many dealerships have a limited amount of cars they can provide to the valet.

This car valet was at a car dealership that was nearby the dealership where I bought my car from.

Getting this valet was not something I initially considered. But with the car that I was approved for being sold in a near dealership, it was easier than I thought it was.

Taking that car valet wasn’t free, it cost me $50, which was a huge discount for me.

I used to think you would need a dealer near the location where you were selling your used car. Now I’ve learned that you don’t. It makes a huge difference in how much it costs to get the car moved. I saved $450 dollars by moving the car a few weeks earlier than planned.

I even used the dealer’s program, which was free.

It basically provides you with information on the cost of your car lease if you are going to lease the car. That was helpful to me because I was taking the car for a rental after I moved the car to my new home.

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