How to Create a Viral YouTube Channel

Description: In this video I share how i started my own YouTube Channel and how you can start your own channel if you have something to say!

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  1. Create a Youtube Channel

The first step to making any kind of money online is actually getting started. You need to create a youtube channel and get viewers before you can monetize it. Here’s how to do that!

  1. Create a Great Video (and Subscription)

Next, you’re going to have to make a video that people want to watch. Your goal here should be to provide value to your subscribers. If they look at the comments below their videos they’ll notice people giving great tips about what to eat, what workout routines work best, and even more helpful information. So if you can give some useful advice about something that makes people feel good, then you’re doing a good job.

  1. Keep Creating Content

Once you’ve created your awesome content, keep producing videos like crazy! But don’t stop creating videos once you hit 10,000 subscribers! Use them to drive traffic to your website; let people know that you’re out here grinding away and working hard to make videos like these.

  1. Promote On Social Media (and Don’t Forget About Email)

There are two big social networks that you should definitely promote on: Facebook & Twitter. While you can certainly spend time promoting your channel on other platforms like Reddit, Tumblr, and Instagram, these two are where most of the action is right now; plus they bring a lot of traffic to your site. Learn more about apk

  1. Monetize Your Videos

Once you’ve got a ton of views on your videos, you can start thinking about ways to monetize them. I recommend using Google AdSense to start off. You can use this free service to place ads on your videos while you sleep, just make sure you set it up correctly. Then you can also start selling your own products, though this isn’t recommended until you really build up a strong audience.

  1. Grow An Audience And Make Money From Home

Now you can start focusing on building an audience and making money from home. YouTube is pretty competitive, so you might find yourself having to pay to promote your videos. However, if you create great content and treat people well, you’ll likely generate a loyal following over time.  Learn about, click here: imac pro i7 4k and bottled and jarred packaged goods

  1. Earnings

If you’re looking to earn passive income, you could easily make thousands of dollars per month simply by promoting affiliate links on your videos. Once you’ve built a solid foundation of loyal followers, you can even earn commissions when your fans click those links and purchase items on Amazon.

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