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How to manage your pool cars for optimal utilisation

There are many instances that it is logical that employees have the access to a vehicle which is owned by the company they are employed by. But that doesn’t mean they need to have a car for their company. Most of the time, it’s far too costly and can be quite complex.

That’s why many businesses nowadays opt to use car pools instead of corporate automobiles. While this may be an ideal choice and is less expensive however, there are some ways they must be handled to ensure that the business is getting maximum benefit from the arrangement.

As this article is written, the pandemic has rendered commuting less popular while sharing the car can have disadvantages in these days. But, as the pace of things slowly return as normal concept of having a pool of automobiles will definitely make an appearance as people look for more mobility and less stress on the environment.

In this article, we’ll explain how you can manage this fleet once things are back to normal.

The issues with fleet pool vehicles

One of the major issues when you have a fleet of gray of cars for pool use is the price. While many companies have made the switch to purchasing old vehicles instead of using the latest models, there’s certain costs that could be a significant amount. One of the primary elements of management to consider is to reduce the cost of running the fleet.

The cost of this can be the reality that at times cars sit idle and not being used. Cars that are parked and empty can be a huge waste of money. In terms of cost the idle vehicle will cost you money to maintain and there’s a group of employees paid to maintain and manage the cars, even when they are in a secluded location.

In the end they can be expensive as they require more attention than a corporate car which is allocated to one driver. In actual fact, they cause an increased amount of wear on the vehicle due to the fact that they are shared. there is less feeling of ownership in the driver in comparison to employees who are using the company car for themselves.

Create proper policies

Before you begin the management aspect of owning a pool car You should have established policies. The manner in which the vehicles are used will influence the manner in which they will be handled.

A lot of employees believe that a car pool can be used to travel in or utilize as use a company vehicle. Be sure that the way you wish your cars being used will be appreciated by everyone so that there is no gray zone. In the event that you do not want others using the car only for conducting business or to travel, then you must be clear about it.

The way cars are driven is equally important. It is important to ensure that your employees are educated in the best way to drive. Not just for safety reasons and defensive driving but also regarding learning how to brake, and take turns to ensure little wear on your vehicles.

Tips to manage your pool car

It’s really beneficial having a separate software system to schedule the time of cars. Many companies utilize Outlook to cut costs however, it is extremely inefficient. If you utilize an app, or something similar to it employees will be able to know in a glance when a particular vehicle is accessible without having to email anyone or even ask anyone questions.

With the Internet of Things, vehicles are tracked and notify people via an alert when the car will return in time, since it will be registered whenever it crosses a geographic border. It is important to ensure that this feature is implemented since it will help you save time. It is also a good idea if the vehicle is due to be returned in a hurry.

It is crucial to ensure that you have a cushion between bookings that is at least 15 minutes. This will allow people to ensure that they do not forfeit their reservation should they get stuck in traffic on their way to return the vehicle.

Be sure to install software in the car so that you can view reports on how the car is driven. There are drives that are connected to the computer in the car that can let you know how much force the brakes are pressed and how fast the vehicle is being driven. If you observe that the car is driven in a reckless manner and you are concerned about the safety of your vehicle, then meet with the driver with the driver. If you are able to identify specific individuals who have been guilty of careless driving, you could be forced to make threats against them, including the revocation of their driving rights.

Key management is also essential for the effectiveness for your organization. The presence of keys placed in a central area can create a number of issues. Use keyless entry to the vehicle so that they can gain access to the keys once they are booked. This helps to prevent people from not remembering to return keys or losing them. Finding keys can be a drain on time and can cause delays. If you have a keyless entry system and the key is taken away from your car, it will be located easily as you’ll know who was driving the car at the moment.

Be sure that the method you choose to use will to ensure that vehicle usage is at a high level. This is true even if your cars sit in the car park. A good software can allow you to make more efficient in scheduling process which allows the cars to be utilized. Set a goal of 90% utilization however, you can accept any time you are able to get in excess of 50%, which is the norm in the event that the management system is not properly utilized.


The use of pool cars is an additional task than issuing corporate cars. However, it can save businesses a significant amount of money when it is managed correctly. Utilize the tips above in managing the fleet, and you’ll get a cost-effective strategy that is more efficient than the individual cars of your company.

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