How to See Who Liked or Retweeted a Tweet?

Recently we posted a tweet because it was given popular so many people appreciated and retweeted it. So just being curious, we want to know the complete listing of folks that appreciated/retweeted a Twitter likes here we published.

Twitter has a few obstacles in it doesn’t can help you see everybody when you have a hundred’s or one thousand’s likes or retweets. Now you should be asking a query yourself “someone favourited my tweet but I can’t see who”. Well, we have the answer to your trouble. Keep Reading!

Why can’t I see who appreciated my tweet?

There is only one reason why you couldn’t see the call of the individual that preferred or favourited your retweet. This occurs while a person has made their profile personal. If you’ve got observed the person before they preferred or retweeted, only then you may see them on the list.

Suppose if you were given one hundred likes for your tweet but you’re most effective able to see 50, then the rest 50 has set their profile to non-public. If you want to peer the destiny likes by means of them then you definitely want to observe them.

How to See who Liked or Retweeted you

There are 2 strategies to look who liked or retweet you.

Method 1. Using Computer

  1.  Log in to your Twitter account.
  2. Click on the profile on the left aspect of the screen.
  3.  Now Click on the tweet to test likes or retweets. This will open the tweet individually with comments under it if have.
  4.  Now below the tweet, you may quantity of people who appreciated or retweeted that tweet.
  5.  Click on likes or retweets and you will see a listing of people.

Method 2: Using Mobile Phone

  1. Download the Twitter cell app from the Android or iPhone shop if you don’t have one. Once mounted log in.
  2. Click on 3 parallel lines inside the top left nook of the display screen. You will see a listing of the drop-down menu.
  3. Now click on the profile. There you may see a list of tweets finished by using you.
  4. Similar to a computer, click on any tweet you want to check likes and retweets. This will open that tweet one after the other.
  5. Once you open that tweet you may see what number of people preferred, quoted, or retweeted that tweet.

These are the two strategies to be had as of now while someone favourited your tweets. You can see more customers inside the Twitter app who favoured or retweeted than on The computer version.

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