How to start with FB Messenger

It is as simple as turning it on.

Go to the general settings of your business page and check the box that allows pages or people to message you.

Add a Messenger Greeting

facebook followers uk is currently changing its layout. Some features are still in transit. If you still have an older design, you can create a message greeting to appear whenever someone visits your page.

Get an instant reply.

However, you can add an instant reply to any message. This will allow you to respond immediately to messages sent to you by others, even if you aren’t online or don’t wish to monitor them 24/7.

Answer questions in the ‘FAQ’ section

You can include up to four commonly asked questions at the top of the conversation or five in a menu that people can access throughout your discussion.

You can save customers time by answering their questions quickly without waiting for a reply.

Include an ‘away’ message

When using Facebook messenger, the most important thing is the speed of response.

People want instant gratification, and we live in an age of instant gratification.

You can create an “away message” to let the visitor know when you will be back and your response times.

It’s a great idea to put your Facebook messenger into action. This will help you increase your engagement and build relationships with your audience.

You can take this one step further by looking into a messenger bot that integrates seamlessly with the Facebook messaging service. This will allow you to become a powerful Facebook marketing channel in your ecommerce store.

Encourage user-generated content

The world is changing. People hate being sold to but love to purchase.

It is essential to have a strong brand vision. Customers will connect with you more deeply if they believe in the reasons you do what you do. They will become more than customers and users of your products.

They are advocates!

Live a Great Story is a great example.

Many of their users’ stories revolve around times in their lives when they have moved outside of their comfort zone, lost loved ones, or experienced a significant change in their circumstances. They want to share this story with the rest of the world.

Their customers believe in the brand. They believe in the greater purpose of “living a great tale” and are happy to share their stories.

Another example is Aerie, a women’s clothing shop with the well-known hashtag #aeriereal

Their brand ideal revolves around girl power, body positivity, and ‘no editing,’ hence the name ‘Aerie real.

They encourage women of all sizes to share their stories in Aerie clothing. The best stories are published in their news feed to drive more page likes.

Word of mouth has always been and will continue to be the most potent form of marketing.

Studies show that 86% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family, compared to 48% who trust the information they find on facebook likes uk. This number will decrease due to fake news and the rise of fake news in the future.

How better to win Facebook advertising free of cost than creating a loyal, engaged audience!

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