How to Turn Off Comments on Tiktok?

Sometimes, the first-rate part about like these TikTok Comments is the commenting phase — and other times it is a cesspool of trolls. For while you’re confronted with the latter, luckily there may be a fairly easy manner to turn remarks off on a TikTok video.

Start with the aid of developing your video and click next. You’ll be taken to a page where you can tag humans, upload hashtags or links, and, whilst you’re ready, publish it. The easiest way to make sure that no one will touch upon it’s far to set the button that announces “allow remarks” to the off position.

But, if you do not remember to do this and, instead, permit comments, there may be still a manner to fix it. If you simply need to turn the remarks off on an individual present TikTok video it is already been posted, right here’s how.

Navigate on your profile

Click the lowest proper “Profile” icon to head in your profile. There, you may be capable of seeing all the videos you’ve got published.

Choose your alternatives

Click the three-line icon on the right below the remark button. Scroll all the manners to the proper, and click on “Privacy settings.”

Turn remarks off

Under “Privacy settings,” you’ll see 4 alternatives: You can determine who can watch the video and if feedback, duets, and stitches are allowed. If you do not need all and sundry to touch upon your TikTok video, tap the toggle icon to show feedback off.

hero imageIf making a decision that you do not want everybody at all ever commenting on any of your TikTok films, or if you need to best allow comments from pals on any of your TikTok videos, you could make this desire at the profile degree, too.

Navigate to your profile

Click the lowest right “Profile” icon to open up the associated menu. There, you will be capable of seeing all the motion pictures you have published.

Go into your settings

Tap the three-line “hamburger” icon within the top proper of your profile web page, with a purpose to show you alternatives: “Creator equipment” and “Settings and privacy.” Click “Settings and privacy.” Then, pick out “Privacy” once more — it’s the second choice under “Manage account.”

Head on your Comments settings

Scroll down the web page, and underneath “Safety,” you will see “Comments.” Choose that and you’ll be taken to a list of world settings that you may tweak for all your destiny videos. You can set it so all and sundry, simply pals, or no person can comment on your films.

You also can create man or woman phrase filters, make it so remarks do not put up till you approve them, and have TikTok routinely test for spammy or offensive comments.

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