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You join me here today on the outskirts of Shanghai and we’re only about 20 minutes from the glittering towers of the financial center and we’re here in the rice fields and we’re here to see this brand and this car this, of course, are mg and they’ve had a really a good few years in Europe they’ve introduced some really affordable practical models that everyone loves and this is their latest one so we’re going to find out can they keep up their EV assault on Europe as they start to go a bit more upmarket let’s find out this is the marvel r and this is fully charged don’t forget to subscribe and enter to be in the chance to win in our great Eevee giveaway where you could win one of four electric cars.

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So the first difference you’ll notice is that this doesn’t have an mg badge obviously the European one will this is the saic the wrong way the row the r as they like to call themselves marvel rum now you’ll notice the first thing is that the design language of this is a lot more grown-up a lot more luxurious and this is the design direction that mg is taking over the coming years and you’ll see this on a lot more models soon now this has actually been released in China for a few months already it came out this year it’s going to be released in Europe I think later this year as well now in the front seat here hey the driving seat whoops um it’s actually a very.

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A very good place to be there’s a lot of feeling of room in here and the layout and everything is fitted kind of just makes sense it’s very simple it’s not too fussy it’s not too complicated I really like how they’ve kind of hidden the air conditioning under here again it’s got this red stitching which makes it look really smart as well a couple of annoyances in here the first is the speed so the speed is actually in the corner of the um the dial here and when you’re turning corn.

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you can’t actually see the speed so when I was coming down here I was going around quite a long corner I couldn’t see what speed I was doing that’s slightly frustrating here the angle of this screen is slightly odd so if you’re sitting here the rakish angle of this just a little bit annoying I think I just have to get used to it you know I’m used to my Xiaoping g3 which is quite flat over here and actually facing me this is kind of maybe it’s to be used by the passenger as well again that feeling of space in here as well I’ve got all the skylight features I’ve got cameras in here to tell me if it’s actually me driving it.

Will just for my settings lots of metal buttons on here and the really neat feature is this is dial down here I really like how they do these dials it’s very chunky and it feels good when you turn it and it’s very easy to do without actually looking at it so some good features some annoyances in here definitely not a perfect interior saic really know what they’re doing when it comes to hybrid and electric cars they’ve been building them for over 10 years and all of that.

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you can see that coming out in fruition in this car so this is not a light car it’s about 1900 kilos it’s pretty big but it is an SUV and it’s got a 70-kilowatt-hour battery so it’s to be expected um interestingly this actually has quite a quick top speed it’s got zero to 100 in 4.9 seconds and it has an all-wheel-drive tri-motor system so three motors in this which help propel that large mass to a quite high top speed of 200 kilometers an hour not that you’re ever going to do that and you’re going to burn through the range pretty quickly no and I’d say the range is pretty accurate we’re at 462 kilometers on here obviously this is tied to any dc range that’s slightly different to the wrap range. 

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So let’s start off with the design this looks fantastic in person um it’s got this x shape on the front it’s got these daytime led running lights and of course, it’s got the customary led light bar along the front that obviously is the design language for all-electric cars now which says I am an electric car underneath here you’ve got a front of 150 liters so quite practical because you actually do need that space because the back actually isn’t that big now if you come around to the side you’ve got a few more nice kinds of premium and luxury features you’ve got this nice kind of grill down here I don’t think it’s very functional but it’s topped off by this lovely marvel badge and silver here

you can see the design language mirrored in the door mirrors as well and of course, it’s got to have flush door handles because it’s luxury um and it might help with the drag coefficient as well so one thing I really like about this car is these shoulder lines it kind of gives it this aggressive like hunched overlook as if it’s ready to attack the road now this has another couple of important functions one of them is a v2l so vehicle to load.

Which means you can plug in something like an electric bike or a laptop and run it off this car is not quite as good as vtg but it’s the first step in that direction the other important thing is it’s got roof rails now I haven’t been told if these can actually hold anything it would be great if they could probably not as it’s got a glass roof but this car actually does have some really good features to make it practical we’re going to find out around the back just in a minute now in terms of driving dynamics it does feel a little bit floaty and it’s not super responsive so I can put my foot down there’s a slight delay before the car goes so

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slight delay steering feels a little bit vague um but it’s pretty uh solid and planted on the road and the best thing is it’s super comfortable to drive and it likes to be for me so let me just put that on mute and again the back seats mg is thinking about that practicality again um and there’s a lot of legroom you can hopefully get three adults in the back here on the back seat um I’ve got that kind of like this leather feeling and a few mosquitoes and it’s got like this.

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Valerie and red stitching as well um they’ve thought about the materials in here as well so this is kind of like a mentally finish here which says marvel in front of me and I’ve got a lot of space a feeling of space in here so massive uh skylight window which you’ve got open right now the other thing I’ve got is two bose speakers in this door and two in that door again thinking about what this environment will be like for people traveling long distances in this car another important thing is the v2l plug will actually be down there I’ve seen it in some of the photos this car doesn’t have that functionality but that that is where it will be that’s where the plug is for v to l so around the back of the marvel R

you’ll see the design language is slightly different from the mg’s in Europe now this is actually the kind of the Chinese design language which we’ve seen on the wrong way or the road cars over the past few years now this is a much more global design language and we’re going to see it in a lot more ng saic cars over the coming year now boot space now the other mgs are well known for their kind of practicality and functionality this one is a little bit of a downside now if I can actually find the button so this has 357 liters of boot space which isn’t actually that much so the camera guy’s got all of his equipment in here and it’s almost full so the good thing is that you can fold down the back seats and you get 1 396 liters of boot space so it does have some practicality but that’s

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why you’ve got that 150 liters of front space at the front of the car now the most important thing about this is the towing capability yes this car has tone capability obviously the other mgs didn’t but this one does up to 750 kilograms, unfortunately, we can’t test that here in china because I think it’s illegal for us to tow anything so you guys in Europe are gonna have to test it and let us know how that actually works so really really good feature and I’m glad mg are thinking about this to make.

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it even more practical when you’re driving along you do feel that it is quite a large car it’s actually quite wide I’ve seen myself go for the lines a few times which isn’t good but you know in shanghai with everyone driving massive SUVs it fits in quite well um I would say that the biggest issue I have in here again is that screen which is just a little bit inconvenient at that angle and it feels quite close to me as well it should just be a little bit further back, however, do like the dial like I said earlier this twizzle dial down here makes things very very easy I’ve got all my self-driving modes down here um and it’s actually quite a clear screen and but there’s too much information on it for my liking you know I can all I need really is my speed but unfortunately I’ve got everything on here which is slightly annoying.

So I think this car is important for two reasons the first is that v2l capability and bringing that to the mass market I think what mg are doing is genius and I hope they enhance that in the future to v2g and everything else the other really important feature is the towing capability people want practicality and this car delivers it now although this is the luxurious version of the mg this is going to trickle down to the other models in the coming years so that’s what’s so exciting this really shows the future of mg and you guys in Europe are very lucky to get this later this year unfortunately for those in the UK they’re not planning to release this at the moment but hopefully they will change their mind so that’s all we’ve got time.

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