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Have you ever wondered which type of printer to buy? Well, you can now keep your worries away because, at, we have a solution for you that is our modular 3D printer. This is a type of printer that offers a decent and large working area. When we say a large working area, this is what we mean; the modular 3D printer has two sizes that is; A250T 230 × 250 × 235 mm working area and A350T 320 × 350× 330 mm working area with decent features, all included in our printer and comes at an affordable price. The modular 3D printer is very fast in printing, and its speed can be adjusted to any speed you need, and the speed can never affect the quality of your print.

modular 3D printer


  • Improved Power Module.

The upgraded power module system helps you to focus since it uses a much quieter fan with a speed that can be automatically adjusted depending on the actual temperature and reduces noise as low as possible to make your working very enjoyable.

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  • Upgraded Cooling System.

It is made with an upgraded cooling system that is capable of combining speed and accuracy at the same time.

  • Upgraded Noise Reduction Chip.

Noise is reduced substantially with the help of the TMC2209 stepper motor chip.

So what are you waiting for? Make your printing very enjoyable by grabbing yourself our modular 3D printer at

Snapmaker Machines for Everyone.

Snapmaker is more of just a series of machines since we have creative applications which come with a lot of amazing features simply made for you to enjoy your printing. So what you need to do is just grab yourself our Snapmaker 2.0 model of the printer at an affordable price and make your printing work professional and excellent. The upgraded features of our Snapmaker 2.0 model of printer make your working environment very conducive and comfortable. Snapmaker 2.0 A350T-A250T is made with upgraded features, including everything you need to start your journey of making 3D prints offering a faster and quieter printing experience. It is also made with the following amazing features:

Snapmaker 2.0

  • Aluminum grid table for laser engraving and cutting.
  • 5” Smart Touchscreen.
  • 6W laser module with a built-in camera.
  • Newly designed linear modules.
  • Newly designed power model with intelligent fan speed adjustment.
  • Magnetic heated bed with a removable print sheet for 3D printing.
  • Newly designed 3D printing module.
  • MDF Board and clamp sets for CNC carving.

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