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Today we’re getting into the latest tesla news including a super long-range model s three hardware updates arriving in the 2022 model 3 and y tesla’s big recall another record quarter for tesla and much more so let’s get into it first up today tesla announced their q4 2021 vehicle production and delivery numbers earlier this week revealing another record quarter in q4 alone Tesla delivered a total of 308 600 vehicles 296,850.

Model 3 and y, while the remaining 11 750 were model s and x production.

Model 3 and y while the remaining 11 750 were model s and x production.

was slightly lower showing they delivered some cars leftover from q3 at 300 5840 cars this brought their total production for 2021 up to 930 422 cars and total deliveries to 936 172. 173. this exceeded most predictions for tesla’s deliveries by around 30 000 cars and once again proves how popular teslas are truly becoming at the beginning of last year when tesla announced their deliveries for 2020 they closed out 2020 delivering just shy of 500 000 vehicles and they have nearly doubled that this year without their new factories opening this year they’ll be at a run rate of about 1.2 million vehicles with their current factories and then we’ll finally see gig texas and gig of berlin come.

Online making the model y tesla.

Should be on track for significantly higher deliveries next year again assuming demand keeps up and there are no signs of it slowing down even with higher than normal pricing right now in response to this record quarter Elon musk tweeted saying quote great work by tesla team worldwide congrats are definitely in order however at the same time. unfortunately for tesla, they’re also facing a new recall on around half a million model 3s and s’s tesla inc is recalling certain 2014.

Through 2021 model s vehicles.

The front trunk latch assembly may be misaligned preventing the secondary hood latch from engaging as such these vehicles fail to comply with the requirement of federal motor vehicle safety standard number 113 hood latch system the recall affects up to 119 000 model s’s built between 2014 and 2021 along with 356 309 model 3s built between 2017 and 2020. the recall says that quote over time repeated opening and closing of the trunk lid may cause excessive wear to the coaxial cable this is the cable that connects.

The rearview camera and will be fixed by a free tesla service.

appointment for all affected customers the good news here is that this fix itself seems rather small and doesn’t affect safety in the vehicle in the short term the bad news is this is a lot of cars that tesla now needs to schedule service appointments to fix that same recall appears to be extending over to china with two hundred thousand more vehicles it was announced that they will be recalling thirty-five thousand eight hundred thirty-six imported model threes and a hundred and forty-four thousand two hundred eight model threes built at giga shanghai next up today a crazy version.

Tesla Model S with a range of 752 miles on a charge has been unveiled currently as tesla sells.

The top range of the model s is an impressive 405 miles they briefly unveiled a longer range plaid plus model with 520 plus miles after battery day but ended up removing that option and seemingly canceling that car altogether tesla seems to be more focused on getting better efficiency and utilizing superchargers when needed rather than shipping an insanely long range that rarely gets used in any case people do like longer ranges and being able to drive long distances without needing to stop and charge as we are seeing with the lucid air achieving an incredible 520-mile range for the model s though a company called next energy has installed its own battery system.

Model s for the test drive.

They did keep a very minimal speed at 55 miles per hour but they achieved a range of 752 miles in the car quote our next energy inc a Michigan battery technology company has demonstrated a proof-of-concept battery that powered an electric vehicle 752 miles without e charging the vehicle completed a road test across Michigan in late december with an average speed of 55 miles per hour the results were validated by a third party using a vehicle dynamometer.

Where the test vehicle is a tesla model S.

was retrofitted with an experimental battery that achieved 882 miles at 55 miles per hour it appears that the battery pack nearly doubled the energy density adding around 331 kilograms of weight to the original battery and car so that’s a big increase there and will come with its own side effects it will also be very expensive but this proof of concept is part of what they are aiming for in the future helping to eliminate range anxiety and push battery technology even further achieving a range like this is incredibly impressive regardless and looks great.

The future of electric vehicles is currently most vehicles.

Are coming in around 250 to 300 miles of range and end up priced very high if they achieve over those numbers meaning that an affordable EV requires recharging on a road trip fast charging from chargers like tesla’s superchargers are a great option but the ideal future is where you are able to both have longer ranges available in EVs and a plethora of chargers to choose from when traveling longer distances lucid has achieved 520 miles of range this company has achieved 752 miles of range and we’ll have to see if Tesla can deliver on the promised 500-mile range. The cyber truck or if they end upbringing back that plaid plus model s with 520 plus miles of range next up today arguably the most exciting news this week more updates getting confirmed for

Model 3 and why tesla’s most popular

vehicles tesla updates their cars whenever they want to and they don’t wait for a model year changeover to implement them this time around we are already seeing that Tesla has added two new features to these cars in the 2022 models that were initially added to those vehicles in china first is an updated AMD ryzen chip for the infotainment screen what most customers are finding.

New chip results in much faster load times on screen and better response

Model 3 is now 4 years old and tesla switched to AMD on the new model s and x with great results now they appear to be catching the model 3 and y screens up to these specs a photo posted on teslas cope at the end of 2021 showed the AMD ryzen being delivered on a new model 3 built-in North America this processor on a 2022 model 3 shows just how much faster the majority of actions are it’s all the same software on the same screen but it works much faster in almost.

Huge improvement for these cars in 2022.

we have heard mentions that tesla may offer a retrofit of this chip on their older cars but every time a retrofit like this gets mentioned and comes out rumored it doesn’t end up seeming to happen so we’ll see on that at the same time that tesla added this AMD chip to the model y and three in china they also made the switch to their new lithium-ion 12-volt battery and now that same update has come to these cars built in us it may seem like a small or unknown change but teslas so far have relied on traditional 12-volt batteries to power certain things in the car these batteries traditionally wouldn’t last as long as the large battery pack that powers your driving and it was seen as a flaw now this new battery is designed to last as long as the battery pack itself does this along with that new chip are two improvements that you have to look under the hood to see but they bring significant improvements to these cars especially concerning the updated chip to power the main screen that controls nearly everything in these cars those are the most important updates but another new update something.

Model S and X already have is coming soon as

well heated windshield wipers this photo comes from a source at tesla in china showing heated wipers on the screen as an option on the model 3 and y the source said that tesla is still testing this feature and isn’t on the production line yet but should be coming soon this is the second time we’ve heard about this feature with the first time coming in code found by at Greenlee only this is one of those features that Tesla hasn’t been included on these cars before and could be a result of their design studio.

located in California heated windshield wipers.

something we don’t typically need here but the other day I took my model S into the quickly falling snow and it actually came in very handy this is another feature that you won’t know you have until you see the option on screen but it will be a well-appreciated improvement especially for those living in colder climates those are some improvements that we already know are arriving or coming very soon to these cars but one larger improvement has been talked about for a while now and has now been spotted.

On the model y at tesla’s battery

the day back in September of 2020 they announced their structural battery pack and 4680 battery cells these two advancements in battery technology are what tesla sees breaking them into longer ranges lower prices and more and we’re supposed to be what tesla launched with on the model y out of berlin and texas those factories are close to opening and it still remains unclear if they are significantly delayed on 4680 cells and will be utilizing a backup plan of current technology as the model y has shipped with from the start or if they will shock us by starting production.

These factories with the new battery cells, in any case, a model y

Built with a structural battery pack the body was spotted at tesla’s Giga factory texas last week this photo shows a model y body with no floor indicating it was designed for that battery pack when tesla did their Giga berlin fare one thing they demoed was their plan to attach things like seat mounts to the battery pack itself utilizing the strength of the structural battery pack and simplifying the assembly process for that car so there’s more to the structural battery pack than simply helping in an accident and we’ll see whether or not Tesla plans to ship these

Improved model y 2.0 vehicles

This year or stick with the original design for the time being in any case as Giga texas is ramping up for the model y the next car they will also be building there is the cyber truck I’ve personally been very interested in the rivian r1t lately especially since it’s the first electric truck to market but tesla promised a lot with the cyber truck when unveiled the most recent updates from Elon musk unveiled that they will actually be shipping a variant of the cyber truck with four motors first they originally unveiled a single dual and tri-motor version of the cyber truck at the announcement event so this new version will have an extra motor seemingly go faster and have better off-roading capabilities to compete with what riven has demonstrated with the r1t already shipped in low numbers and what gm has demonstrated with the hummer EV which should ship this year it will also come with easily removable side mirrors seem to be replaced by  side-view cameras in the cyber truck are yet to be shown along with four-wheel steering

These are all great improvements to see

On the cyber truck but do worry some about the pricing of the truck since tesla has raised prices on all of their cars around ten thousand dollars in the last year the cyber truck was already announced incredibly cheap and now it’s coming with even more features the cyber truck has been significantly delayed already and the most recent update on their website used to say production will begin in late 2022. last month and being noticed by many people right now tesla actually could be delaying the cyber truck even more or at least very unsure about a timeline to tell customers on the cyber truck order website when you go to order a cyber truck it now says quote you will be able to complete your configuration as production nears it’s a small update and shouldn’t really come as a shock that an entirely brand new truck from tesla who is already battery constrained is probably delayed even further than 2022 but it’s disappointing regardless as I mentioned earlier Tesla is on track to be able to produce 1.2 million vehicles in 2022 without their new factories so there will be a lot to see from them.

This year and the cyber truck

will be incredibly interesting to watch I’ll be sure to keep you posted one of the best parts about a tesla though is that it receives regular over-the-air software updates tesla released their holiday update right before Christmas day and it included a number of new features that customers have wanted for a long time some fun stuff they brought to all teslas is a holiday light show the original sonic game tick-tock and more game improvements as far as useful features tesla finally truly integrated waypoints allowing you to edit them and this massively improved the navigation system built into the car the blind spot camera has been added and will pop up when you use your turn signal and that has been a highly requested feature that tesla has talked about adding for some time now it’s here overall the update has brought out great features.

After using it on both the model s and model 3

I can see a lot of benefits but there have been a few downsides this update comes to nearly every tesla which is great if you bought a model 3 in 2017 you have the majority of these new features especially including the updated UI that is known as version 11. however, if you don’t like these updates you’re kind of stuck with it which can definitely be a downside for some people with these cars the UI has changed quite a bit since 2017 and certain things now require a little more screen usage for example tesla cleaned up the bottom bar of the screen on model 3 and wise 15-inch screen but now heated seat adjustments require two taps you have to open climate controls and then turn them on or adjust the controls previously these options were in the dock and easily accessible at any time there are a few other features like that including defrosters.

That now requires an extra tap living in California

I of course have found this not to be much of an issue especially with the new auto heated seats feature that matches your vehicle temperature and this is likely the experience of the engineers designing this UI however most people don’t live in California and many areas need these adjustments quickly accessible the great the thing about tesla is that these complaints do get heard and they can fix them in response to a complaint about changes.

The audio sources in v11 Elon

Musk said quote many UI improvements coming these will definitely take some time but it’s great to see that these complaints have been heard overall there are many great improvements in v11 and features like the blind spot camera but the removal or at least hiding of certain essential features is definitely something customers aren’t appreciating for me i hope that tesla figures out a better location for the blind spot camera in the model 3 and y I noticed that for one it just covers the autopilot car animation on screen and I think it could slide that up at least but for two my hands block the camera about 90 percent of the time and I have to either look around my hand or move my hand down in order to truly utilize it shortly after tesla released version 11 they finally brought out another update with tracking.

Model to the plaid model s

The plaid model s has been out for a while now touting acceleration faster than any production car however track mode was only available on the performance model 3. now the plaid models has it and it’s not just a simple added feature to generally improve track performance it includes a ton of stuff the release notes say quote optimize your plaid configuration for dynamic driving exclusively on closed courses and experience the unmatched performance at many different venues.

They detail how the heat pump system cools more aggressively maximizing the powertrai  endurance and performance and cooling after driving for drive systems torque vectoring authority is increased across the three motors elevating the vehicle’s agility and cornering capability the accelerator pedal allows more precise torque control and regenerative braking power is strengthened to recover more energy the suspension dampening reduces vehicle motion and is automatically set to low and lastly, the display shows a track interface includes a lap timer g-meter vehicle thermals monitor dash cam video capture vehicle telemetry capture.

what the instrument cluster looks like focused on monitoring

the systems in the car and then under track mode settings you can see all the options you can adjust you can adjust handling balance stability assist regenerative braking and turn on or off post-drive cooling brake temperatures and dashcam saves for laps, it’s great to finally see this feature arrives in the plaid model s and will definitely be a very popular feature for people truly utilizing the full power of this car the tesla bot was unveiled at tesla’s ai day as a vision of where teslas ai efforts could go almost nothing has been heard from this project aside from tesla hiring people for the project but when interviewed.

On lex Friedman’s podcast Elon musk said quote I think the possibilities are endless it’s not quite in tesla’s primary mission directive of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy but it’s an extremely useful thing for the world to make a humanoid robot that is capable of interacting with the world and helping in many different ways talking further about what the robot could do he said quote it could develop a personality over time that is unique, it’s not like all the robots are the same that personality could evolve to match the owner or whatever you want to call it this is one of those things that’s exciting and terrifying at the same time and will surely not be seen for quite some time from tesla either way it showcases how serious they are about ai and expanding their company well beyond.

the manufacturing of electric cars

That’s all the latest tesla news for today so in the meantime, if you want to see 30 tips and tricks for your tesla you can check out that video linked up here or in the description below thanks.

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