Pagani confirms it is still working on all-electric hypercars

No auto manufacturer has created a more extreme road-going hypercar than Pagani.

One look at the rear-engined bullet-nose-on-wheels and it’s clear this is a road-going hypercar, even though its roof isn’t. What is missing, however, is an all-electric powertrain for a battery-powered hypercar. Although Pagani, like many supercar makers, doesn’t make many electrified vehicles, it’s always looking at it.

It looks like its wish for all-electric hypercars has finally come true.

We are considering electric power,  says Donato Pagani, who co-founded Pagani in 2004. “But we are not at a stage where we are pushing the development. We still have to carry out the test to see whether we still need that car.”

So is the electric hypercar just a dream?

“Our goal for hypercars is to be like a hypercar, not electric,” says Pagani. “But if it is successful, it will certainly be for us, because we are at the stage where we need to have the possibility to produce another car.”

Aston Martin’s new Vantage

Mercedes AMG GT4 are both expected to go all-electric with electric motors in their front and rear axles and straight-six engines as the power source. “We still have to work with hybrid systems,” says Pagani. “We have two all-electric cars, and they will not be the future. We are working on hybrid systems, and it can still be electric for a hypercar.”
At this point in time, Pagani confirms, that if this all-electric hypercar was successful, it would be another hypercar, but there is no timeline. Unlike Porsche, Pagani has always been pushing the boundaries of speed and design, and when an all-electric hypercar was even in the realm of possibility for Pagani, it already thought of the last bit of speed this car would need.
For example, when the first production run of the Zonda Cinque arrived in 2011, Pagani took a car from the assembly line and modified it with an all-electric powertrain. Even if you took away that use, Pagani says, the all-electric hypercar is still used in a number of ways, such as having a car body designed for hypercars that was all-electric, from the design perspective.
“Because there are people in the world that believe we can do electric cars like hypercars,” says Pagani. “We are thinking of creating electric supercars. But we want to do it for us.”

And when is that car?

When Pagani says it is still working on the project, he confirms that the electric hypercar is, in fact, a project. Power for the hypercar was thought of to start from 800 horsepower, but as Pagani explained, it would be very expensive and perhaps not have the efficiency that Pagani wants. So, a more refined powertrain was needed.
“Because the electric car is not mature yet, we needed to start from a simpler solution,” says Pagani. “We know how much electric motors cost, and it’s still not enough. The cost is just to produce one car. If we start to produce 10 cars, it would be interesting. But we need to create the technology and the efficiency. We don’t know when we will launch the car, but we have to do it slowly because we don’t know what the technology is going to be.”Pagani says that since electric hypercars don’t need an electric drivetrain, it’s a fast cars on land.

But for electric supercars, the battery has to be charged constantly.

“Electric supercars are working with the [electric] engine to stop the car when it’s not fast enough,” says Pagani. “It’s like a supercar that is still working on the accelerator. It’s not a performance car. It’s working, but not working with the battery. We are working on one of those cars. That’s our approach.”
If Pagani does have a hypercar that’s all-electric, it will be a striking, timeless design. But the electrification doesn’t have to stop there, for Pagani, all-electric hypercars have a huge potential, so it’s a matter of when Pagani will build this first electric hypercar, and that’s something Pagani won’t say.
“We are thinking about electric supercars,” says Pagani. “There are a lot of people in the world that believe we can do electric cars like hypercars. We are working on hybrid systems, and they can still be electric for a hypercar. The problem is we still have to work with hybrid systems, and we have two all-electric cars, and they will not be the future.”
Unquestionably, Pagani is still thinking ahead and can afford to still be hopeful, and working on building electric supercars.

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