I really can not stand with a 1.57 engine you think you can do much better than before Beijing and Auchan x7 x 188 level can do now to finally direct dry now 1.57 190 190 No no engine is not all it Nabuchushou today we come to experience this in Tianjin Kai Chen a coat that will go back to a site that told us to look at its first appearance this concept of what he NTU width 1917 mm in width in his body that he jiu your BMW 7 lines were also broad in this huge network then here are some of the styling of the establishment of such a design together with the whole straight to straight lines it really is a veritable coat you do not look at it is to go straight across his big line drag coefficient of 0.3

What do you, Lamborghini

thumb 720 450 Lambo1

the concept also Niubi ah so his whole side of the line so see if it is very kind of person he is speaking to the rear and left like a bit of a design to like the kind of plastic card and you look at this as a top above there are some in order to do a drag coefficient of such cells pit kind of thing is to imitate the golf and the entire rear styling is not a building that looks a bit like the overall design of spacecraft such a feeling can be said will not be long out of date but it is precisely because of this too avant-garde design that not every young man I appreciate the avant-garde come on after 5 years from the appearance of the light which is a silver car with Geely icon selected equal wider.

The BMW 7 Series vehicle departed.

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this interior space is still very Chen Daming enough like I’m sitting here is still relatively wide distance him the central government in the hands of Western design is wide imagine you put this stuff intermediate material then most front row can seat three people in front of a 24-inch piece of Dalian in control of directly to the scientific and technological sense of peace although her mother is Dalian intermediate level he has cut off the screen here or here, he said. his car will be equipped with the v-link-chi of the system it can control most functions on what the car window air conditioning ah ah piece, ah, but he can adjust the rearview mirror function it is also integrated by the control workshop here is this so did not have to pick some functions ah still need some time throughout the interior design is very stylish.

when you look like the start button

These little details everywhere you die and this panel this is also a whole looked good with its multifunction steering wheel or will you say he is more athletic feel like I feel like I’m on a spaceship open this sci-fi but it also has a super wide-angle of these large skylight people sitting inside the car the feeling inside is very kind of the same feeling Chingjing sky but I suggest that you carefully choose the skylight you imagine this kind of sunshine in my place I drove south is a sitting member of the head inside the car that should be after listening to feel very harsh it might be someone he Tucao this is a win-win-General.

I have today in this venue is all this stop and go urban traffic congestion this end His study is that half a dozen mobile conscious awareness is still very good read of this stuff, after all, he also has been through the rigors of the overall condition although this car comes off the assembly line before testing it for a long time after the field is Some tend to support this movement it is doing very good, in the face of these bumps is sixth on the whole car.

will still feel the beat

Push To Start 1

ah, but fortunately he was the chair of Barcelona blessing and alleviate the discomfort resulting in maximum horsepower engine feeling to 1.5 days of official energy range to 190 hundred mph is 8:00 in the middle of the actual test drive after 12 other start blocking efficiency is not so high when accelerating up about 20 or 10-80 very good but its displacement of only 1.5 53 80 100 rose so more time.

will be lost a little bit of weakness he showed again when the next step on the gas to accelerate, but it is also consistent with a 1.5 overall grade of this powerful performance are like the word for steering precision adjustment can only say that the number of brave things in the most basic requirements of the different steering feel is actually the strength of this feedback is the speed of operation of a flight attendant then this depot since he’s such a steering effort and feedback is still feeling very good performance was his whole feel even better than some of the joint venture vehicle must face.

whole performance is very today

my22 escalade cadillac live tour

Tomorrow movement to open old rice his entire chassis of this is packaged up some even s1a these projects support when his whole performance is very today we present this one is the home he gave me the feeling Chen Daming feel its power and control are very suitable for young people, of course, we are very much looking forward in the future 10 to tell you about some of the experiences of his current status is just a pre-sale price of his daily use of 10:00 30000-10 133 000 intervals but in the end, I think if we can believe the price alert as start loading within a 100 000 So the young man’s first SUV is none other than him.


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