Seven Principles of Health for a Happy Long Life

We are thrilled to present to you the seven health-related principles. We will look at how these principles will allow you to lead a happy, vibrant full, healthy life. Of course, all of the information we give you is only information and it isn’t medical advice. It is however encouraged to get your own medical advice particularly from your personal medical specialist. This article outlines tested methods that have stood the tests of time.

There’s been many discussions concerning my general health as well as lifestyle along with the seven health principles. There are many opinions on these fundamentals. We are discussing the health-related principles that are essential. There are some that you can use in your everyday life but they are the most crucial ones that you must integrate into your life. The whole goal of this article is that you get an understanding of these to ensure that you have a happy and healthy lifestyle for your self.

We don’t want anyone to get sick, and we definitely do not want people using prescription medications when they don’t have. Is there a reason we should think this is the case? There are plenty of natural health remedies you can implement to avoid illnesses in the first place. There are many other health-related measures. For instance, you could review your food choices, and think about the foods you consume every day. Are they really harmful to your body or is it healthy for you? Are you unknowingly creating objects or degrading the things that are in your body? This is what the seven health principles are based on. They give you the idea of how you can advance positively for your body, and not in a negative manner. If you stop your own growth as well as the cleansing processes in your body , which is natural, then you’re actually hindering your body from being healthy. This article will only touch the surface and only look at the idea from a general perspective as there’s an abundance of amount of information available on this subject and there’s just so much we can share. We’re definitely eager to discuss the concepts that you can implement to your daily life. This is what makes it so appealing. Aiding you to keep yourself healthy every day with the help of health principles.


Let’s take a look at the first, Whole Foods. They include whole foods that are naturally grown that include fruits and vegetables, grains and nuts, as well as herbs, and many other items that are organically grown and unprocessed. It’s easy to pick them up off the tray and eat them with no preparation whatsoever. What is the reason that over the past several millennia people have been taking care of themselves and not got into the same problems we’re currently in? We’ve become much sicker and much more vulnerable. This is due to the processed foods we consume today. Our balance has been thrown off by the healthy foods that should be consumed. If you take a look at the Western diet today it is evident that we’re eating way excessive amounts of sugar and saturated fats and replace water with sodas or sodas or. This isn’t healthy because our body is being stripped of the way it’s used to. Our bodies are relying on some form of food or nourishment that is natural to repair and build itself, but it’s not getting it all the times. Therefore, if our bodies were receiving something other than the normal food, we’d expect different results obviously. This is the reason people are much sicker today and not as much who lived centuries ago. The revolution in processed food over the past 100 years has drastically altered our health, and has lowered it. If we look back and adopt the idea of eating natural health foods as they used to practice years ago, when people didn’t have the health issues that we face today, because they were not awash in chemical impurities or other chemicals within their bodies, we might consider whole foods as an eye-opener. This is among the most fundamental principles of health. Like taking fruits by themselves, they are also healing in their qualities and capacity to supply vitality and energy for our body. It’s just an issue of consuming fruitsthat will increase our energy levels to stay in good health and steady. You don’t need to worry about the presence of bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances that can enter our bodies as they’ll be eliminated fairly quickly. Vegetables are also excellent foods to improve our health and keep us healthy and healthy. This is especially relevant if you consume vegetables with a low GI like brown rice, sweet potatoes beetroots, carrots, beets and other similar items. They are great for strengthening our bodies.

It’s hilarious discussing all-natural foods and herbs and spices. Check out the old methods that the Chinese utilized or the older civilizations that utilized herbalism to cure and to treat ailments. These are the main reasons they are effective. Certain herbs target certain organs and there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t include them in your diet, too. Any kind of research or knowledge of Chinese remedies and methods of the past could uncover some of these herbs to you. It’s thrilling that you can use these to your daily life the same way they were used hundreds of years ago to treat the illnesses they suffered from. Seeds and nuts, as well as other berries are very beneficial for your health. It is possible to include them into your diet as whole foods so that you can advance as a healthy being.

Another one that is often mentioned is milk. There’s nothing wrong with drinking milk. If it’s raw is full of nutrients that are beneficial to your body. It’s a great source of protein, essential fats and boosts your strength.

Another food I’d like to talk about is raw, natural honey. It is loaded with enzymes that improve your immune system and also has antibacterial properties. It is a standout in providing good health and vitality as well as the ability to apply it to an external wound. If you ever suffer from the unfortunate experience of a wound or cut honey can be very beneficial for healing the wound and making it more clean. Therefore, as you’ve learned, there are plenty of healthy and whole food items that can aid you maintain and build an optimal health state. In addition, according to the saying it’s never too late to include them into your diet well. If you’ve been missing these nutrients in the past. There’s no reason to think you shouldn’t start introducing them now to improve and transform your life, and allow it to be healthy instead.


Another important aspect that is essential to health Water. As you are aware, we’re all composed of over 70% of water. It is used extensively to create new cells within our bodies. Water is a vital element of us, and we must allow it to cooperate alongside us. If you don’t drink water by itself, you’re doing you to do yourself a disservice, and are undermining your body’s optimal health and nutrition. On a level of the cell it is essential to understand that every cell needs transport and elimination of specific nutrients. If you examine one cell, it could be a building block which might require a particular nutrients to fulfill its purpose. However, it is able to be able to do this with sufficient water within the system. The water that’s electrically charged is definitely beneficial for us as we are electrically charged beings. We live on electrical energy that flows throughout our body. We have pulses in our bodies that move from one place to another to send electric signals from and to the brain, and other areas of our bodies, like muscles, cells and many others. In order for this to occur water must play a crucial role in this process. The salted water is beneficial. If you’ve got the right quantity of sodium in your food then the flow of energy and nutrients to the cells will be more efficient since you have the proper charge.

The secret to any effective weight-loss or fitness regimen is that you drink plenty of water. The reason is that water is able to remove from the body toxins as well as fat cells that aren’t required by the body. If you don’t have enough water in your system, it won’t be able to perform this process in a proper manner. Therefore, as you observe that water is an important element of the body’s. We should keep it in good condition and build it in the near future. We should consume at 8 glasses of water each day. If you’re who is overweight, however you may need to boost that number to say 10-12 glasses daily. It’s contingent on the structure of your body as well. If you’re feeling thirsty, it’s because your body has already dehydrated and it’s dehydrated. The goal, then, is to maintain your levels of water at the right level. One good way to gauge this is the amount of sweat that you generate and the color of your urine. If the color of your urine is cloudy take more fluid so it’s more clear and less yellow in hue. It’s about maintaining the same. Therefore, water is an essential element.


Next is Air. It is vital to us, due to obvious reasons. We require it whenever we breathe. As you’re aware that all cells that is in our body survives by breathing oxygen. Since it is essential for your body’s to breathe. every cell needs to breathe. In the absence of oxygen flow through us, we’ll gradually be suffocated and toxins will not be released. Thus, breathing enough is crucial. If you venture outdoors, you could also get charged electrically. It’s crucial. If you’ve ever been to the beach or you’re near lightning there could be Ozone around. It is possible to smell oxygen, especially when the lightning strikes are happening around you. The same sort of smell that you get when you visit the beach. It’s the smell of the ocean. This is extremely beneficial to your health, and that’s O3. It gives life and vitality, increases your energy levels and senses and is beneficial for your health. If you breathe deeply for five minutes every day for a long period of time this will allow your entire body to be refreshed. Deep breathing is beneficial because it opens your airways, and also boosts your oxygen levels to a higher level.


The next principle for health are Sunshine. The need for sunshine is vital for good health and vitality. This doesn’t mean that you should getting sunburned. I’m suggesting that you should be spending between 20 and 30 minutes in the sun each day. You should do this in your “safe-sun” hours, which generally occurs at ten in the morning and two hours later at the end of afternoon if you can since the sun’s light between the hours of ten early in the day, and 2 in the afternoon could make you burn less easily. Thus, getting enough sun is vital. If you permit the sunlight to penetrate into or be absorbed more deeply by your body and expose your skin to sun in return, you will gain more energy in a shorter time.

It is well-known that we receive Vitamin D through the sun and is vital to your health and acceptance that your nutrition needs to be broken down and accepted by your body. It’s like an entry point, as Vitamin D lets the minerals you take in to be properly absorbed within your body. If you’re not getting Vitamin D, then this process isn’t working correctly. It is likely that you have a number of deficiencies, too. You may also be concerned regarding skin cancer. We have different views on that. I’m not convinced that we can develop skin cancer due to the sun’s rays, but I think it’s more about the impurities and toxins on your skin that can be burned and can turn against your. What’s the reason there was no problem with the skin cancer and melanoma prior to now, but suddenly in the last fifty years we’re experiencing melanomas? Is that because something has happened to the sun? Perhaps it’s because us, and our diets have changed? I’d say it’s more so due to the latter. The way we eat has definitely changed. The quantity of radiation and chemicals within our bodies is the cause of our health problems. The sun actually reacts to these impurities and chemicals within the body, particularly in the skin, which is actually a negative reaction. Thus, a tiny amount of sunshine every day, in safe times free of sunburn is actually more beneficial than harm. It is crucial to everyone understand that sun exposure is an essential aspect of overall health.

If you’re feeling less well, or feel sick and off-color, then take a stroll in the sunshine. Let your body be exposed to the sun’s rays, and you’ll get 20-30 minutes of sun. You’ll feel the energies radiating from you. You’ll feel much better afterward and it’s remarkable to observe that it can actually do you well. If it is able to make plants grow, or make living things thrive in the process, it’s going to benefit you too. So, don’t be a slave to those who say that the sun can cause damage to your property but it could actually cause you a lot of positive things. It’s all about controlling it and doing it correctly. It is essential to get enough sunlight to health.


Another important principle is movement and exercise. It is the fifth principle of seven principles. It is essential to move, you should exercise. When I say exercise I’m not saying that you need to run the marathon. I’m saying that you can go out and walk or stretching of your body, and performing various movements throughout the entire body. This will do more benefit than harm. Actually, we’ve got lymph nodes throughout our entire body, and they’re not circulated by the heart. Lymph nodes’ liquids aren’t circulated as they are transported through the heart. Instead, they circulate through your movements and exercise as well as by massage. It is therefore crucial to keep this going all the time. In the event that they don’t, they’ll accumulate and cause issues within the lymph glands. It’s important to keep flushing the lymph glands and moving them around as they’ll become stagnant and blocked with toxic substances.

I’m sure that everybody is able to walk, move and stretch, and generally move around. That means you’ll be able to take a walk for 20-30 minutes every day. This is a lot more enjoyable when you have some sort of routine to do this. If you don’t have one, then every time you leave you can move and stretch your entire body. It’ll help you to feel better. Therefore, again If you’re feeling unwell, an illness, it’s essential to get moving. It’s crucial to move to get all the blood vessels inside your body so that you’ll be cleaned and the toxins will be eliminated off your body. Certain areas of your body require moving to flush the toxins and if you don’t move, you’ll just sit there and will stagnate. If you notice people who have plenty of fluids within their legs particularly those who are elderly, they’re sitting around, and the fluid accumulates within their legs. If you’re looking to keep your body’s organs active and healthy it’s essential to move around certain areas to ensure that fresh blood can circulate through your body , and through the areas which aren’t moving as significantly. To eliminate the toxins from your body, moving and exercise are essential.


The sixth principle of health is the concept of regeneration. It includes relaxation, rest recovery, rest, and renewal. It means that everyone requires to take a break. Everyone should lie flat and lie down on the ground, parallel to its surface. This is to ensure the body can relax, recharge and recuperate. The body is designed to allow the magnetism and electrical charge effectively flow. For this, you must lie down. Have you ever been working too hard and thought that you should just lay down? This is the feeling that your body gives you when it’s telling you that enough is enough, and it’s time to recharge. It’s like a great battery that can last for a certain amount of time before it’s depleted. If it’s not there it’s impossible to function. This is why regeneration is crucial.

Regeneration is the process of ensuring that when you lay down and shut your eyes, it will not mean you download any smartphone, iPhone app or any other electronic gadget and play around with it since your brain is an organ that requires relaxation and rest. It means that you shut down the conscious , and permitting it to enter the mode of regeneration. When you lie down and rest it means you are resting your brain, too. It’s crucial to have time to take a break every day in which you don’t do anything but to sit and think. Relax and recover. This includes mentally too. If you don’t, you’ll be suffering from some form of burnout in the future which is not what we want to happen. this. If you’re suffering from illness Rest and relaxation will definitely help you recover. If you’re exhausted the rest and sleep let your body regenerate and the brain to get back into action and reset each evening. It’s essential to take at least six hours of sleep each day. If you’re not doing this, you’re committing a grave error, and you’ll eventually have be paying the price, and be stricken with mental stress over this. It’s therefore essential that you take between six and eight hours of sleep each day. Recover and rest, lay on your back and let your body start to regenerate itself. Cells require for: regeneration.


The seventh of the seven pillars of health is Relationship and the Passion. Everyone should have healthy relationships, no matter if you’re with a stranger and you treat them carefully, just as you would prefer to be treated. It’s also important to have friendships you have with your family and friends ones, too. You’re looking to establish great relationships with people who are positive to build and inspire. You don’t want relationships that will tear you down and devastate your self-esteem and cause you to lose confidence in others. This is also true for your overall health. Positive relationships can build, whereas negative relationships cause damage and bring you down. It is crucial to be aware of this because when you’re around harmful peoplewho continually beat you and make you feel down and down, it will bring your health into disarray. It’s important to limit the amount of time you spend with toxic people and then creating positive people to have more influence.

The third point is passion. If you’re enthusiastic about something, then you’ll desire to spend more time doing the things you are enthusiastic about. This could include your preferred activity, sport as well as your friends and family. You’d like spending time with them or your passions. There’s a saying without hope, we are nothing. It is imperative to be able to find something in our lives that we’d like to work for, wake up each day to work for, and move ahead and that’s our love. If it’s solely for love, growing ourselves, or any kind of activity or sport you really love It’s essential to are optimistic about our lives. In the end, if there isn’t a passion for us for something, then what’s our purpose in this for? What is it that we are really doing?

In the passionof the bond, it’s also a love for the God you worship. God is an excellent source to count on. It’s possible to think that I’m getting spiritual, but it’s real. Everybody needs a connection with God. Every person needs to be connected with spirituality in their personal life. It is important to seek out and recognize that. It’s not just about you. You are a part of the larger creation and belong to a higher being with a bigger goal. Being in a good relationship with your loved ones and family is wonderful however having relationships with the Creator is even more rewarding. If you have a passion and drive for the things you love, and an internal desire to know where you’re headed and what you’re doing is extremely vital. Spirituality is a must. Being passionate about something apart from yourself is vital.


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