STOP using your WiFi Range Extender in this manner!

“Just acquire a Wavlink WiFi Extender,” is a common suggestion when you need anything to increase your Wavlink WiFi connection in a certain room of the house. A short Google search yields two types of devices: Wavlink WiFi Extenders Setup and Wavlink WiFi Repeaters. Which one do you need to buy if you want it to work? Is a Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup the same as a Wavlink WiFi Repeater, or are they distinct?

What complicates matters is that businesses use these phrases interchangeably, despite the fact that there are some distinctions between them. And these can mean the difference between an excellent Wavlink WiFi experience and a bad one.

So let’s take a closer look at these devices and show you the most common error you can make when using your Extender.

What is the distinction between a Wavlink WiFi Extender and a Wavlink WiFi Repeater?

Both the Extender and the Repeater have the same goal: to provide WiFi where there is none. However, they each approach it differently, therefore it is critical to understand that they are not the same.

Extender for WiFi:

To be effective, a Wavlink WiFi Extender needs be connected to your main router via a wired LAN connection. The majority of individuals simply do not do this. A hard-wired Extender transforms into a strong access point. This allows it to broadcast your Wavlink WiFi signal while still providing the desired speed.

A WiFi Extender typically establishes a new Wavlink WiFi Network with an EXT in the name, such as Home EXT. You must connect your devices to the new Wavlink WiFi anytime you are in the room where the Wavlink Extender is used.

Wavlink WiFi Extender:

A Wavlink WiFi Repeater, on the other hand, is not normally connected via a LAN cable. It detects your existing WiFi signal and transmits or re-broadcasts it. A Wavlink WiFi repeater, on the other hand, must receive a strong WiFi signal in order to repeat it. As a result, the farther the Repeater is from your router, the weaker the signal it is attempting to send, resulting in poor Wavlink WiFi and Internet speed.

This new signal has the potential to cut connectivity speed by up to half!

Not all WiFi Repeaters are created equal; some are better built than others. A good repeater will have two or more antennas and the ability to listen and transmit simultaneously. Cheap repeaters do one before the other, resulting in poor performance.

More uncertainty about Wavlink Extender vs. Wavlink Repeater

To add to the confusion, newer Extenders, which SHOULD be connected via LAN cable, will also function as Repeaters. To put it another way, you don’t need to plug in the LAN wire for it to work. As a result, when you set it up, you simply follow the prompts, select WiFi, and wonder why your WiFi speed is slow.

Can you use more than one extender?

The first extender should cover adequate range depending on where you access the internet. However, in rare circumstances, numerous units may be required. If you utilize several extenders at the same time, each will connect to the router. However, extenders must be close to the router in order to cast that wireless net.

Extending in all directions does not result in a larger net. Instead, you’ll have two (or more) nets that add and overlap.

Wavlink WiFi Extender Features

Are you ready to purchase a Wavlink WiFi Extender? Wavlink WiFi extenders’ capabilities vary, just like the quality of the internet relies on the corporate provider. Here are some characteristics to check for:

Wired Or Wireless

Some Wavlink extenders may be quicker to set up than others, or you may just prefer wireless over cable. Just keep in mind that the position of the extension is critical. Not too near, but yet not too far away from the routers. Setting up the extenders will be different, so be sure you follow the directions carefully.


The majority of Wavlink extenders are boxes with arms, albeit some are bigger than others. Determine the size of your extension after you’ve determined the arrangement you desire. Consider the amount of space needed for your router and other equipment.

Some extenders that need plug outlets may take up valuable space that may be used by another device.


The capacity of extenders to replicate and emit the Wavlink WiFi signal varies. Some copies may be weaker or stronger than the original wireless network, particularly if the original router signal is poor.

Because extenders stretch, the distance that their signals broadcast will vary. These are measured in feet and may reach a height of 75 feet. This is most likely the most significant factor to consider when purchasing an extender.


Sometimes we obtain the thing for which we paid.

Sometimes Wavlink Extenders are available at a variety of costs. If the strength of the connection is more essential to you than the cost, the price may not be a problem. But, if it is, keep in mind that extenders may cost as little as $20 or as much as $100.

Prices for these goods reflect how effectively they work and how long they endure.

What Causes WiFi Slowness?

If you’re like most people, you expect your web browser to load quickly when you have twenty tabs open. Faster Wavlink WiFi means faster downloads and less time spent loading websites. Too frequently, however, there is a case in which slower Wavlink WiFi fails to fulfill expectations. There are many causes for this:

A Large House

If you live in a multi-million dollar house or work in a huge organization, you may be attempting to access WiFi on one floor or room while having your modem configured on another. The WiFi invisible network cannot reach all rooms on all floors. The net is just too tiny. Because of lesser signal strength, the farther you are from your modem source, the slower the internet.

There are too many people.

Your family has a lot of children! Someone is playing video games online, two individuals are buying online, and someone else is watching YouTube. You can’t expect to get any work done if your internet connection is sluggish.

Consider them trapped in the net every time they connect to WiFi. When there are too many fish in the net, there is significantly less wriggle space. A poorer signal connection will further exacerbate the problem.

Natural Connection Is Weak

Let’s face it: regardless of the location, you chose the incorrect service provider. Because not every organization delivers high-quality internet to begin with, adding a Wavlink wifi extender is pointless. Having the correct internet service provider for your location is critical to having fast internet.

WiFi is not accessible outside.

A naturally weak Wavlink WiFi signal will not reach the garden. This limited Wavlink WiFi will restrict where you may work. In a work environment, the same circumstance will limit where individuals are in respect to the router.

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