The 4 Tips When it Comes To Buying The Right New Car

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Your dream car is out there. It’s just a matter of taking the time to do the research required to make sure that you are choosing the New Car that is right for you. Often, people end up making a mistake when they choose their new car. They either overspend and get way more car than they actually need. Or, they try to save money and end up with a car that they aren’t happy with.

It isn’t rocket science to buy a new car, but it does pay to take some time to understand what you are getting into. This is especially true when it comes to the financing of the auto. In this article, we will go over what some of these things are that you need to keep in mind before you head to the dealer.

1 – Configure your dream car

In the age of the internet, it hardly makes sense to go to a dealer and just wander around the lot to only get talked into a car that you weren’t very interested in. These days, you can configure a few cars online so you can make them according to your personal specifications.

Sites like  allow you to pick a make and model and then add on the custom additions that will make it exactly the way that you want. They even give you a 360° view of the car so you can see exactly what it will look like once it is configured to your specifications. This way when you head to the dealer, you already know what it will cost and how it will look. Going in blind could end up costing you more money.

You should also compare different car makes and models and configure them as well. The side by side comparison makes a big difference and allows you all the time in the world to think about it without having to go to a dealer and listen to a car salesman go through his pitch.

2 – Get a preapproval

It is very easy to fall in love with a car and then end up spending beyond what your budget allows. When you find yourself on the dealer lot then it is even easier to be persuaded to overspend on the car that you just have to have.

Getting a preapproval is the best way to avoid this as it is a number that you can see and then work within the parameters of. If your bank or other lender says that you are preapproved for £20,000 then you are able to research what make and model is within that range. Then you can set off for a trip to the dealer with specific information and a specific model that you want and for the price that is going to keep you from taking on too much debt.

Interest is also a thing that dealers like to play fast and loose with. Knowing what your interest rate is ahead of time will prevent you from taking on a loan from a dealer that is higher than what your lender is willing to give you. It is not uncommon for somebody to be preapproved for a certain percentage only to have the dealer quote a higher number.

3 – Take a test drive

It seems obvious that you would want to take the car for a spin around to see if you like to drive it. A test drive is more than just that, however. There are things that you should be looking for to really understand what you are getting into.

After all, you do all sorts of driving on a daily basis so the test drive should reflect how it performs when you do that. Seeing how it handles corners is important, but more important than that is how it does in start and go traffic. Also, does it have enough force to get onto the motorway when there is traffic?

Then you also want to see how it accelerates when going uphill for those times you decide to head to the highlands. Check out the cargo space to ensure there is room in the boot for your gear when you are going on a holiday.

Even sitting in the back to see how it feels for the passengers is a good idea.

4 – Don’t say yes

You have a lot of leverage by not using the word “yes”. Once you say it then you lose that leverage.

Once you take the test drive and feel like you have found the right car, then go home. When the dealer asks you if you like it, say you have to think about it and leave the lot. They will do everything they can to keep you there so you should get a good deal by walking away.

You should actually sleep on it as you can make a better decision when you are not supercharged with emotion and adrenaline. Take a night and see how you feel in the morning. The car will still be there.

Once you decide you want the car, then you still have to refrain from saying yes. Once you have agreed to buy the car you will then be expected to buy things like an extended warranty, rust coating and a special interior washing or something of the sort. Not that these things are bad to have, but they are almost always overpriced.

Just say no to these add ones and take the car with only the customizations that you were looking for when you configured the ideal car that you were looking for.

Conclusion By knowing how the new car buying experience works, you are able to avoid a pitfall and end up making a regretful decision. Your new car is out there waiting for you, but you don’t need to overspend or accept something.