Tips to enhance custom Packaging boxes concerning on Printing Graphics

A quick look around the retail market is enough to grasp that custom packaging boxes have become the number one choice of brands. Amazing protection capability, customizable designs, printable texture, and easy to assemble properties make them highly rich-featured. They can be turned into unavoidable marketing tools for businesses as well, considering they are printed well. Poor printing can compromise your efforts towards brand advertisement, and it may also render you unprofessional. So, with the printing task, make sure you employ the best operations and procedures that improve the aesthetics of packages.

Pick Up Quality Material:

First things first, select the materials that are more porous as they tend to have more ink-absorbing capacity. You can argue about the selection of cardboard, corrugated stock, and Kraft stock, but not all of them are created equal. There is a variation of quality within these materials as they are sourced through the different qualities of wood. No matter what material you are choosing among them, make sure that printing inks tend to sink deeper into the surface. Other than that, the choice among these materials needs to be varied according to the selected printing technologies as well. For cardboard packaging, for instance, digital printing should be the preferred method of printing. And, for environmental Kraft paper, inkjet and laser printing methods work best. Taking these factors into consideration is a good tactic to produce visually compelling packaging boxes.

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Superior Inks:

Good ink selection is vital for making your cardboard boxes wholesale supplies look one-of-a-kind. It is the inks that decide whether an image or text would appear visible or not. For the best possible results, it is pertinent to choose the inks according to the type of packaging surface. If the surface is porous, the inks like water-based tend to provide great aesthetic results. In cases where the surface is more slippery, water-based inks are not good at all; in fact, solvent-based inks work well here. Another factor that needs your attention during the process of ink selection is the ability of chosen ink to remain on the box surface. This will ensure high-quality printing of custom packages that appear more prominent in the eyes of the target audience.

Go slow:

Modern printing solutions tend to operate at a much higher speed. It does not mean that you should always run them at higher speeds for quick printing of custom packages. A general rule of print quality is that it is higher at lower printing speeds. The faster the printer is running. The more is a chance of smaller fonts getting smudged and images becoming distorted. The result is that the text and graphics appear sloppy, due to which it becomes difficult for the target audience to read the details. While it is easier to get carried away by the desire for faster printing, a steady speed would give high-quality results.

Use less heat:

Different printing processes like screen, flexographic, and rotogravure involve the application of heat during the printing of custom packages. As a designer, it is your responsibility to keep the print temperature as low as possible. The higher print temperatures are known to create some unsuitable printing results, such as images becoming darker. Likewise, the sleeker and stylish typefaces appear bulkier and heavier at higher temperatures. The key to maintaining the best print quality is to keep the print temperature setting at lower values. This would help you print better graphics, fonts, and barcodes that are legible and easy on the eyes.

Correct Color Model:

Perhaps, the most important factor that matters for the quality of printing graphics is the right selection of color models. You have two choices; CMYK, a subtractive color model that works by screening colors on lighter backgrounds. The second one is PMS that is a good choice for producing spot colors precisely. CMYK tends to provide a greater color accuracy during printing, while with PMS, you can produce accurate shades. Take a look at your printing needs for custom packages and opt for a color model that complements your needs better.

Low-quality printing graphics on the custom packaging boxes appear lousy and render your brand incompetent. Keep a closer look at the printing design details and use materials with perfect textures, and select correct ink types. Also, keep the printing speed low and opt for the right color model to obtain desired quality results.

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