Top 5 Chinese Electric Cars to Look Out for in 2022

with mainstream consumer acceptance and government support, china’s electric vehicle sector is booming in this article we will show you the top 5 electric vehicles in full detail and explain why everyone is waiting for these particular cars number 5 byton m byte the mbyte is a concept car that will be Byton’s first model to be manufactured.

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it was designed in Germany engineered in America’s licon valley and manufactured in china in size it looks like the compact luxury SUVs such as the BMW x3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC class and bytes sports a little radical difference in that it comes with a competitive all-electric driving range and a massive 48-inch curved infotainment display that stretches across the entire dash of the SUV this also comes.

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with an autonomous driving system and either a rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive electric powertrain options rear-wheel-drive models will be powered by a single 268 horsepower electric motor while all-wheel-drive models come with two motors to give 402 horsepower combined Biden says the single motor rear-wheel-drive setup will provide 7.5 seconds zero to 62 miles per hour time and dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain will provide 0 to 62 miles in 5.5 seconds the m-bytes driving range.

will vary from model to model


entry-level models will come with a 72-kilowatt-hour battery pack for 224 miles of driving range on the global wltp cycle the bigger 95-kilowatt-hour unit is good for up to 286 miles the batteries can be charged by the 150 kilowatts dc fast charging for up to 80 percent battery capacity in about 35 minutes the m byte will also charge at home outlets using either 110 or 220 volts one unique interior feature is front seats that swivel inwards to make conversations easier with back seat passengers number four-link and code zero the zero concepts is an SUV with an all-electric drivetrain.


Chinese brand lincoln co not quite a popular outside of China and is owned by Gili jilli by the way also owns Volvo so certain subtle similarities could be traced in this particular model the front fascia carries the lincoln co familiar swept-back headlamps and additional light bars in the midsection and a third tier formed by the bumper another familiar part is the roof that has the look of a coupee and muscular rear haunters the rear has a light bar the interior sports a simple and somewhat minimalistic look the dashboard at the center console look production-ready

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while the digital instrument cluster and infotainment display do not look too large this zero comes with sporty fronts
each and it is the first electric vehicle to be built on gilly’s new sustainable experience architecture this platform features high-tech sustainable materials enabling glee to produce more compact and dynamic electric vehicles although there is presently no information about the battery the zero concept gets to 62 miles per hour in less than four secs.

The company says the drivetrain provides a range of approximately 435 miles the battery is designed to endure for more than 1.2 million miles and withstand deterioration for 124 000 miles the zero concepts also features a height-adjustable air suspension adaptive damping and a co-pilot semi-autonomous driving system number three x-punk p7 the p7 from xbong offers 706 kilometers of range the p7 electric is based on a platform developed by expanding motors called cepa which stands for smart electric platform architecture the p7 comes in three variants two variants.

come with rear-wheel drive and both have a 196 kilowatt electric motor on the rear axle their difference lies in their batteries a long-range model has a 70.8-kilowatt-hour battery while the super long-range model comes with an 80-kilowatt hour energy pack and offers 706 kilometers of driving range the all-wheel-drive model comes with a 120 kilowatt motor on the front axle which reduces the acceleration time from zero to 100 kilometers per hour from 6.7 to 4.3 seconds the range of the all-wheel-drive module is estimated to be around 600 kilometers it also comes.

with level 3 autonomous driving functions the drive assistant called x pilot is based on nvds drive Xavier the p7 comes fitted with numerous cameras and new types of millimeter-wave radar sensors according to x-pump it can also detect objects at a distance of 200 meters and should have market-leading accuracy these all work together to power the autonomous driving system the car sports a black glass roof frameless windows retracting door handles exterior-mounted surround vision cameras and other touches that look a lot like tesla’s model 3. the interior is clean and modern with a central touch screen and instrument panel screen behind the steering wheel controls are mainly on

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The steering wheel or via the touch screen number 2 byd hand byd spent about 10 years transforming this hand from its concept beginnings to a mass production luxury vehicle it comes carrying byd’s ultra-safe blade batter. which according to the company sets new standards for evs worldwide in terms of luxury performance and safety hence ev long-range pure electric version has a fantastic range of 605 kilometers based on the test cycle on a single charge.

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The all-wheel-drive version accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.9 seconds making it china’s fastest EV in production according to the company the plug-in hybrid model offers 0 to 100 kilometers per hour acceleration time of 4.7 seconds making it the country’s fastest hybrid sedan the car goes from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.9 seconds due to the world’s first mos fet motor control module which fuels the car’s record-breaking speed in terms of braking it covers 32.8 meters from 100 kilometers per hour to a standstill the exterior reveals a striking front grille with dragon claw taillights and other features the car’s interior is furnished.

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with solid wooden panels, high-quality aluminum trims napa leather seats, and other materials used in luxury vehicles the car comes equipped with other smart features like the NFC mobile phone key function to unlock the core even if your phone is out of power or battery the vehicle also comes equipped with byd’s deep pilot intelligent driving assistance system that includes a wide array of safety features like an adaptive stop and go cruise control a forward-collision warning system a pedestrian identification and a protection system a lane departure warning system traffic sign identification and many many more its extended range version will sell at thirty two thousand eight hundred dollars the extended-range variant of the premium model will go for thirty six thousand and five hundred dollars and the 4wd high-performance version will be in the 40 000 range the PHEV version will sell at about thirty-one thousand and four hundred dollars.

number one neo87

neo is another powerful china automaker in the EV market the 87 and electric sedan will be offering a solid-state 150 kilowatt-hour battery by 2022 neo as a brand offers impressive 21st-century compliant technologies the ed7 is no exception aiming to become a veritable competitor for the tesla model s according to neo the standard of the 87 70-kilowatt hour battery offers a range of more than 310 miles there is also the option of a 100-kilowatt hour battery with up to 435 miles of range a solid-state battery which won’t become available in china until 2022 will offer its users a range of more than 620 miles the largest battery in the 87 would easily beat.

The longest range battery in a tesla which comes on the model s and rings in at 402 EPA rated miles the 87 spotlights motors at the front and rear axles with a combined output of 643 horsepower and 627-pound feet of torque it is claimed to accelerate to 62 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds the roof gently slope to emit a slim tail light that runs the vehicle’s width the interior sports at 12.8-inch infotainment screen and a digital gauge cluster the few buttons are far between with a two-spoke steering wheel the standard 70-kilowatt hour option starts at around 69 000.

Those who will opt for neos battery as a service subscription will get the car for around 58 000 the service will allow the drivers to swap their batteries at Neos power swap stations in china for a fee of around 150 dollars a month other specs that come in the luxury core are an autonomous drive assist made possible by 11.8-megapixel cameras and what neo calls ultra-long-range high-resolution lidar along with 5 radars and 12 ultrasonic sensors along with many other technologies if you enjoyed. 

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