Ways To Save iPhone Battery – A Quick Guide By An Apple Phone Repair Store In Hialeah

You hate getting a low battery notification on your phone, don’t you? Well, you can do nothing about it but ditch it in the long run. Do you want to know how? Keep reading along to learn more. An Apple phone repair store in Hialeah has developed an extensive guide to help you save your iPhone battery. 

Step-to-step guide to redeem iPhone battery by an Apple phone repair Hialeah, to save 

With this extensive guide, you can save your iPhone battery life and use it most constructively. You don’t have to plug in your charger every other minute to save your battery from dying. Just follow these steps and utilize them most effectively.

Low connectivity areas

Searching for signals in low signal areas can be one of the reasons for battery drainage. In such a scenario, turn off your Wifi and enable airplane mode to save battery. Also, do not turn on your mobile data as it will be useless in a low-signal area. You can look for free Wifi or devices to help you stay connected if needed.

Only connect your iPhone to either mobile data or Wifi at a time. Check out comprehensive Hialeah’s cell phone repair store to tackle such situations.

 Mute useless notifications

Getting unnecessary notifications on your phone also causes battery drainage issues. Prioritize essential ones and only enable those notifications for your iPhone battery health over time. By doing so,iPhone battery life will be increased. You’ll be able to use it for most essential tasks only.

Low down your phone’s brightness

You might not have thought about this earlier, but lowering your brightness will eventually help you save battery. Smartphones have auto-brightness enabled. This feature keeps your screen visible and also lessens the chances of early battery replacement. However, keeping a super bright screen all the time can seriously affect your battery life. Make sure to minimize it when you’re not using it or while asleep.

Switch to battery saver mode

No need to manually adjust your iPhone brightness level as this feature will automatically help your brightness level adjust according to battery percentage. You don’t have to do anything. Just enable it and enjoy a long-lasting battery. 

Overcharging can lead to overheating issues.

One of the primary reasons for battery damage is caused by overcharging. Keep a check on your phone. Once it’s fully charged, remove it. Also, avoid setting it overnight. Overcharging your iPhone battery once it is complete will only damage it.

You should also keep track of not charging it after it reaches a certain percentage. Plug in your charger once your phone battery remains 40 percent or less. Do not let it die until you charge it. In this manner, you are only damaging it. To study more in-depth about overcharging and less charging iPhone batteries, take comprehensive training at the phone repair stores.

Installing useless apps

Keep track of the apps you install on your smartphone. Ensure you only install apps that boost your productivity and are less battery-consuming. After using these apps, do remember to close all the apps running in the background.


There are many ways you can save your iPhone battery life. It only depends on how willing you are to do so. iPhone repair can be costly. Be wise enough to maintain an excellent battery life of your phone to avoid it.  

However, few Apple phone repair shops in Hialeah offer cost-effective rates for iPhone repair. One of them is SteadyFix. They have Apple-certified technicians to assist with your iPhone repair and replacement needs.

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