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What is the cheapest second-hand car in the UK?


That depends on your region. Car parts specialist euatocar.co.uk has published a list of the cheapest second-hand cars in the UK, using car valuations and buyer information from CarGO.
The database features around 400 vehicles, some of which have been used by buyers for up to six years. It offers a pretty good insight into how long a car will be driven before it falls into disrepair. It also offers the cheapest second-hand cars in each region.
Our car recommendations for drivers also have to consider the long-term durability of the vehicle. Because one of the most important things to consider is that if you bought a car in the past two years, the majority of the purchase price will be invested in the purchase and the subsequent depreciation of the vehicle. The best second-hand cars are usually on the older side of the spectrum, but that’s not to say that they aren’t worth buying for those keen to swap cars when purchasing new ones.

Are there any vehicles you’d recommend for drivers in particular?

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Below are some of the cars we’d recommend:
What is the cheapest used car you’ve ever bought?
– The cheapest second-hand car in the UK
– The best second-hand car in the UK
Please share with us your own vehicle recommendations.

How does the CarGO database work?

The database is based on the valuation of thousands of cars which have been used by people who bought them between the start of the year 2013 and the end of 2016. CarGO, a car valuation business, has been working with the data to create the best second-hand cars list for drivers.
If you don’t want to use CarGO, you can still find the best second-hand cars for drivers in your area by using a car valuation tool, car valuations or other websites that analyse car values.

Are there any benefits of using CarGO?

The owners of the vehicles who sell their cars into the database have taken care of all the related business and paperwork. This removes the worry of car valuations, car repair bills and managing payments. All the car purchases are assessed to be in a good state of repair, and the drivers only need to drive the car for around two years before purchasing a new car. CarGO owners have enjoyed a five-year guaranteed warranty with no depreciation during this time.

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How is CarGO protected?

CarGO is protected by the National Car Valuation Register (NCVR), a private registration service that protects the owners from any consequences of making mistakes with vehicle valuations.
These include long-term valuation claims, consumer levies and numerous additional costs. CarGO is also protected from any other threats to its business.
These protections are only applicable to the database that the vehicle owners have chosen to register with the NCVR.

Will the best-used car prices change?

While there is a possibility of the value changing slightly when registering a vehicle with the NCVR, it’s unlikely that the prices of the cars will be affected in any other way.

More cars on the market?

The prices of cars are constantly changing, and one of the most significant changes could be that due to the wide range of car brands on the market, there are now more cars available for those interested in buying a vehicle. The cars on the list will be considered more modern and less costly than cars that are no longer available on the market.

What’s the best-used car value for drivers?

What’s your favourite car for drivers in the UK?
Here are some suggestions based on the cars in the list of the cheapest used cars for drivers:
Best used car for drivers in the UK
Use the search box above to find the cheapest used car for drivers in your area.
We’ve asked some of our car enthusiasts to share their favourite vehicles for drivers. See more suggestions in our recommendations.

What’s your favourite car for drivers in the UK?

It’s also worth considering that you’ll have to wait before you can drive any of the cars

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