What is the function of Exhaust Tips?

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A car’s exhaust system consists of various components such as the muffler, catalytic converter, air filter, etc. These parts are responsible for removing harmful gases from the engine. They also reduce noise pollution.

Exhaust tips are the last part of the Best Sounding Exhaust for F150. They are designed to direct exhaust gas flow out of the tailpipe. They are usually located at the back of the vehicle.

Why do we need Exhaust Tips?

Exhaust tips are the visible part of the exhaust system from the vehicle’s exterior. It is a cosmetic up-gradation to your car and is highly meant for aesthetic purposes.

Raging from round ones to square, rolled edges, and intercooler, various types of exhaust tips are available in the market with different metals and finish. Using the appropriate screw, you can easily connect the most aftermarket exhaust tips to your existing exhaust system.

Why should we use Exhaust Tips?

As most of the aftermarket Cat back exhaust system tips are meant for aesthetic purposes, they will not upgrade the car performance much except impact the car’s sound. The main reason why car enthusiasts invest in exhaust tips is to get a more robust sound from their car besides aesthetic upgrades.

If you want a deep sound or a throaty roar from your engine, consider replacing the factory exhaust tips with aftermarket exhaust tips. You can also achieve this by replacing the exhaust system, but it is more cost-effective to consider installing exhaust tips.

Here are some listed benefits of replacing the existing exhaust tips with some aftermarket exhaust tips:

Improving the sound levels of your engine

Upgrading the car’s aesthetics

Releasing the engine’s gas emission to avoid any unnecessary pressure on it.

How do exhaust tips work?

Exhaust tips are an essential car accessory with both aesthetic and operation contributions to your vehicle. Exhaust tips are responsible for adding flair to the car by releasing fumes. These tips are pretty simple to install and come in different styles to upgrade the rear of your vehicle.

According to moparmax.com, Many brands offer square, rectangular, circular, and oval exhaust tips to choose from. Also, there are polished, chrome-styled, unfinished, black finish, and matte exhaust tips available in the market.

How to install the aftermarket exhaust tips?

Some simple exhaust tips are available that can be installed by just sliding them into the tailpipe. Different variants come with the options of clamps or welded joints. You can install the exhaust tips using the screws.

If you are a proud owner of a dual-exhaust piped car, installing aftermarket exhaust tips will produce fantastic results with excellent sound and noticeable style.

What are the various types of exhaust tips available in the market?

With different types of exhaust tips available in the market, you may always choose the one matching your car exterior. From other materials to different styles, aftermarket exhaust tips are enormous.

We have listed some highly demanded exhaust tips styles as:

Straight Cut

If you are looking for a hollow appearance at the rear end of your vehicle, consider installing a straight-cut exhaust pipe. This type of exhaust tip is commonly used by racing cars. It comes in three different sizes, which are 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches wide.

Round Cut

It is another popular choice among car owners who like to make their vehicles look sportier. Round-cut exhaust pipes are made up of stainless steel and are usually placed on the car’s backside. They are available in two different widths – 1 inch and 2 inches.


Oval-cut exhaust tips are designed to give your vehicle a sleek and aerodynamic appearance. They are usually made of aluminum and are available in different sizes ranging from 1 inch to 5 inches.

Square Cut

These exhaust tips are very similar to round cuts. The only difference between these two is that they are square-shaped instead of round. They are available in different widths ranging from 1 inch to 6 inches.


These exhaust tips are made up of polished stainless steel and are available in different lengths. They are also known as polished tips. They are usually placed on the front side of the vehicle.


Chrome exhaust tips are available in different shapes and sizes. They are made up of chromium-plated stainless steel and are available with polished finishes. They are mainly used on luxury cars.


These exhaust tips are not finished but still, look great. They are available in various colors, including red, blue, green, yellow, grey, etc. You can use any color combination to suit your taste.

Black Finish

Black exhaust tips are generally preferred by those who want to add an aggressive touch to their vehicles. These exhaust tips are made out of stainless steel and are available both unfinished and polished.


Tapered exhaust tips are available in several different designs. They are usually used on sports cars and are available in different diameters.


Flared exhaust tips are available in multiple styles. They come in different diameters and lengths. They are available in many different colors too.


Exhaust tips play a vital role in improving the aesthetics of your vehicle. Choosing the right ones depends entirely on what kind of car you drive. For example, if you own a sedan or SUV, then oval-cut exhaust tips would be best suited for it. If you have a coupe or convertible, round-cut exhaust tips would be ideal