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Why Do Cats Eat Grass

Cats display many bizarre behaviors including the occasional (or sometimes, perhaps, not-so-occasional) grassy food. It’s good to know that in the majority of cases this behavior is harmless and there are likely to be certain advantages for your pet.

If you’re wondering the reason behind this behavior, here’s everything to know about the reasons cats eat grass, and the reason why it’s not something that you need to be concerned about.

Why Do Cats Eat Grass

There are many theories as to the reason cats consume grass. Birds Of Washington State One could be a bit familiar to you if you own dogs that have the same desire to eat the long green blades.

They’re Filling Up on Nutrients

Grass is a source of nutrients, just as other greens contain nutrients just like other greens. It is a good source of folic acid which is a vitamin that can be found in high amounts in mother cat’s milk that aids in an oxygen release into the bloodstream. It isn’t known whether your cat is aware of any deficiencies in folic acid that they may be suffering from, but eating grass may be their own way of having wheatgrass shots in your local shop for smoothies.

They’re Looking for a Digestive Boost

The consumption of grass can aid digestion in your feline in two ways: either by creating vomiting, or by speeding up the process of bowel elimination. This is because their bodies do not have the enzymes needed to digest it, which means that in large amounts it will be absorbed into their system and then out, absorbing other food items that they’ve consumed with it.

The reason for this is among the reasons that dogs also eat grass but is not typically a cause for alarm. If your cat is eating grass, but doesn’t eliminate it in one way or another, you’re likely to be attracted to it for its benefits as a digestion aid.

Th Simply Enjoy It

While there is no scientific explanation the cause of your cat’s affinity for grass may be quite simple: they enjoy its flavor and texture. It’s true that cats’ grass, as well as catnip, are both distinct kinds of grass that are sure to attract cats. This is especially applicable to cats that do not have access to the outdoors, for instance those who only walk on leashes with their owners. catfoodGettyImages 647289304 5aef5a2a43a103003669c00f

How to Stop Your Cats Eating Grass

There’s no need to prevent the cat’s habit of eating grass However, as their loving caregiver, it is your obligation to make sure that this behavior doesn’t end with negative results. Here are some suggestions to allow your cat to take pleasure in eating grass without worrying that it could be harming more than good.

Do not let them graze in areas that are not treated(non-treated areas). HTML1While grass is fine for cats, the use of pesticides, herbicides and other chemical treatments that could be present on the grass aren’t. Be sure to keep your cat away from the garden if your lawn has been treated with one of these harmful chemicals to make sure that your cat doesn’t get the chemicals.

Create a healthy outdoor cat’s garden cats 

who spend their entire time indoors could also appreciate taking a bite of lawns or greenery time. can cats eat celery Alongside ensuring that you have plants that aren’t toxic within your home, you might want to consider installing an area for noshing for your pet, that includes edible grassy treats like catnip wheat grass, the oat grass.

Be aware of the reactions of your pet When your pet isn’t eating or having diarrhea each time (or often) they consume grass, it could be a sign that something is not right in their ability to eat grass , or in their diet overall. In this instance, make sure that they are kept away from the lawn and schedule arrangements with your vet to have their tummy checked. Also, visit your cat’s vet in the event that you are aware that your cat is eating grass which is chemically treated.

Types of Plants That Cats Can Eat

If your cat is a fan of consuming grass, they might also enjoy having access to different kinds of edible plants that are healthy. Here are some that could be a good ideas to plant in your backyard for them or even in the inside kitty’s noshing area as mentioned earlier:

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