Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot Bird

Yellow-naped Amazon parrots are smart creatures which make great pets for pet owners looking to create the good connection with their pet. Their incredible speaking abilities make them among the most sought-after Amazon bird species. However, they’re not the most suitable bird to be used by families with children due to their tendency to experience a period of mild aggression when they reach the age of adolescence.

Origin and History

It is sometimes thought to be a subspecies of yellow-crowned Amazon parrot These birds originate from their native habitat on the Pacific portion of Central America and northern South America. Fish With Big Forehead  They are primarily found in the southern part of Mexico and northwestern Costa Rica.

There are two known different species of yellow-naped Amazon. It is known as the Honduras Yellow-naped Amazon ( Amazona ochrocephala parvipes) is found in Honduras as well as Honduras, the Bay Islands, and parts of Nicaragua. It is also known as the Roatan Amazon is a yellow-naped Amazon ( Amazona ochrocephala caribae) is also indigenous to northern Honduras and an island called Roatan.As with many exotic pets This species is threatened on the open market. They are endangered by deforestation as well as illegal trapping.


Yellow-naped Amazons are hilarious, funny birds who love being the focus of the spotlight. They are known to develop extremely intimate bonds with their owner. Hand-fed Amazon parrots are typically affectionate animals that are affectionate, and loving. As with the majority of Amazons, they are also yellow-naped. Amazons are prone to an emotional playing stage when they are approaching sexual maturation (age four months to one year). Although this phase is over, however, it can be present for as long as two years.hqdefault 1

When they are in their bluffing state in which they bluff, yellow-naped Amazons can bite and display other aggressive behavior. This is more evident in males. Some birds exhibit more aggression than others. This is why you might want to think about the possibility of a female parrot. A young or an adolescent Amazon isn’t the most suitable bird for families with children.

Vocalizations and Speech

They may not scream more than some however they can be extremely loud at times. They are great talkers and vocalists, however. It is possible to train them to expand their vocabulary of words that are spoken with an incredible human-like clarity however, be cautious about when you speak. They’re also well-known for being able to pick up (and constantly recalling) certain phrases that you’d rather the bird to forget.

Colors of Amazon Parrots that are yellow-naped and Markings

Yellow-naped Amazons tend to be colored in a vibrant green. Birds With Orange Beaks Their name originates from a bright yellow spot in the nape of the lower part of to the rear of neck. Another yellow patch can be seen on the crown and forehead as well as red slashes in the wings’ feathers. They have gray to black feet and beaks.

It is an amazing hue change in this bird’s color. The feathers on the body’s main body appear blue-green, with dark turquoise on the wings and an icy white spot on its nape. They are scarce and command an expensive price in the world of birding.Males and females look like each other. To distinguish the two genders apart, your bird will require genetic tests or a surgical sexing process. Genetic tests can be the least painful method and are available onlinefor a reasonable price.

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