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Go on vacation with the free route planner

There are plenty of free route planners on the Internet. Most of them are easy to use, can easily be used with a smartphone and, thanks to voice prompts, replace the navigation device. Every route planner is a little different, but they all have one thing in common: they help you arrive at your holiday destination without traffic jams and without stress.

Route planner can do more than just show the route

It used to be common for people to sit down with an atlas and a road map. You planned the route for hours, looked for the supposedly best route and listened to various radio stations for traffic jam reports. At the end of the effort there were several pages of handwritten notes. This was hardly manageable without cryptographically trained co-drivers.

The free online route planners can do more. Because they are provided with countless information via the Internet. They enable you to quickly avoid traffic jams that are still forming. They automatically redirect if there has been an accident. And they can implement special requests such as a visit to the nearest castle next to the route, a short shopping trip and other extras without any problem and, above all, spontaneously. Generating alternative routes happens within fractions of a second. 

Which is the best?

Probably nobody knows that. From Google Maps , Falk and Map 24 to curvier , they are all suitable – depending on what you want from them. While planners like komoot and kurviger are designed for two-wheelers and a lot of fun, Google Maps clearly focuses on ease of use and a clear design.

Google Maps can be described as the number 1 route planner without a guilty conscience. The data specialist impresses both because of its ease of use and its content. From the app, the route can be sent to the smartphone, can be given to the printer, and in addition to the map that provides an overview, there are also instructions in words. They look something like the notes you used to make: Turn left onto the street Sowieso and after six hundred meters turn right onto the street Diesunddas…

The one is right behind it Route planner from Falk. Falk is a specialist in city maps, and it shows. In addition to the basic functions of route and travel time, the route planner can also calculate travel costs and fuel costs based on flat rates. Other additional functions include hotel bookings and information about attractions. Particularly attractive: the display runs via Bing Maps.

We would place Navteq Map24 in third place. This route planner also accesses the data from Navteq, but displays it in a conventional manner. The route planner works with a Navteq interface. Anyone who would like to get to know the route in advance will have fun here. Because Map24 allows a 3D route flight. The route is already known, at least in a three-dimensional version, before the journey begins. 


This might even save you having to print it out on the go. ViaMichelin comes from the traditional business of maps and travel guides. The route planner offers high quality, allows selections such as “most worth seeing” and “most economical” among the routes, can integrate all tourist offers into the route and even gives restaurant recommendations. 

There are separate routes for motorcyclists and cyclists, which are somewhat reminiscent of the special apps for route planning for two-wheelers mentioned at the beginning. We also took a closer look at Klicktel’s route planner. Klicktel doesn’t offer many additional functions, but the sow warnings and construction sites are displayed reliably. This is the right route planner for everyone who likes things simple.

If you still plan like a scout with a map and compass, you are welcome to continue doing so. The method has charm. It’s not efficient, the route planners can do it better.