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Welcome to this week’s hybrid electric cars news we’ve got some interesting bits and bobs coming up on this one give it a like on we go right so drivers face a thousand pound fine for parking their car after dark this is from gb news which claims it’s Britain’s news website rule 248 of the highway code is clear that drivers must not do one specific
thing when parking at night basically.



You must not park on a road at night facing against the direction of traffic flow unless in a recognized car space they’re fine for doing so something so heinous is this is a thousand pound fine and you could be taken to court  in some cases the fine could be increased to two and a half grand while a ban from driving is also  a possibility  and also all vehicles must display parking lights.


When parked on a road or lay by on a road with a speed limit greater than 30 miles an hour your parking  light if you don’t know is if you leave you indicator on when you turn the engine off on most cars it leaves  that light on April new car market declines 15.8.


Percent as supply constraints see 2022


Outlook downgraded this is from smite who provide all the stats to the motoring industry petrol cars down 23  diesel cars down 52 mhev mild hybrid electric vehicles down


Five percent full hybrid electric


Vehicles up 18 percent battery electric vehicles up 41 plug in hybrid electric vehicles down 32.8  percent  so it’s a halves taylor2rcm more people like to plug in their car but they don’t want to have to put petrol  in it as well so the big winners really are are full hybrid cars that you don’t have to plug in.

Battery electric cars but in general of course new car sales are still down for all the reasons we know about and
they’re the best sellers for April the cash card number one full puma number two mini three courser four kia sportage five and then year to date Corsa puma Qashqai sportage mini in the top five fort puma is doing really



Well I know it’s massively out selling the fiesta at The moment and a lot of people that have told me that they’ve leased or bought a full puma I think kia sportage is  probably gonna end up a bit higher up on that list as well Goodwood festival of speed is going to


Celebrate BMW m BMW’s also confirmed


That a new model will be revealed at the show running from the 23rd to the 26th of June I am hoping  to attend  this I’ll be there on the 23rd of June if I can make it if I get some press passes basically it’s thought that the new BMW model might be the m3 touring you think.


It’s got to be an m car as they’re celebrating



I am so for a single day it’s 44 quid or 177 for a four-day pass which is not cheap is it kids under 12 go free though and between 12 and 21 they can get a young person’s ticket which is discounted if you’ve never been to festival of speed before it’s absolutely


You can sit and watch all the cars do the hill climb it’s usually quite a good motor show kind of area as well
you’ve also got lots of stalls and stands selling various things and as usual at these sort of events you can
buy yourself a burger for about 12 quid or stand in line for a warm plastic of beer for only seven or eight quid.


It’s a really really good day out and I do strongly recommend it as I said if I go if I get press pass for it which i
certainly hope to get I’ll be there on the Thursday now which is the 23rd in my experience the Thursdays are often not quite so busy as the rest of the weekend and the traffic’s not quite as hideous.


getting in and out of it Goodwood is just outside chi Chester on the sunny south coast for those of you that don’t
know this from auto car as well inflated road repair costs hiking up car insurance prices uk drivers are paying
millions of pounds more for their motor insurance because of inflated.


compensation claims for damage to roads by contractors hired to repair them according to a leading insurance
adjuster the charge follows a successful appeal by cma a claims management investigations company on behalf of a motor insurer that had a 440 000 pound repair bill reduced by 309 000 pounds.


After a review by government lawyers


obviously I’ve worked in insurance for donkeys years and um insurers often get a bad rap for putting prices up on
things but if you see some of the claims that come in and some of the things that they have to pay it really is daft it
really is uh also the I mean this is a claims management investigations company that’s looked into it in this case their bill would be massive.



kind of missed out of this so do remember that as well and they have to be paid and when people go and use
ambulance chases to claim for an injury they haven’t got not only do they get paid but the ambulance chases get paid to be honest the industry’s in a bit of a mess and prices are only going to keep going up because there are too many people abusing the system car wow this.


One is this the VW id one new electric Volkswagen



city car teased price specs and release date uh Volkswagen will build a new electric car in 2025 that’s smaller than the id3 it will share parts with two other new eves from Skoda and cooper and should cost less than 30 grand i hope it costs a hell of a lot less than 30 grand because 30 grand is still a



Lot of money the new model could

wear an id1 badge when it goes on sale in 2025. it’s an interesting one from Eautocar how the uk car storage business is now worth 19 million pounds some 15 000 cars are now in storage in the uk

Representing all sectors new report


Why so this is something that’s been very popular in the us for years certainly in places like la and in new York people often pay to have their cars stored and they’ll have them in environments that have controlled humidity covered sometimes there’s an option to have someone go and start the car regularly have a trickle charger.


The battery all that kind of stuff but particularly



As we’re now getting people that are investing in cars and art and things like that and instead of pensions traditional pension funds there’ll be more and more of this coming so if you’ve got a large large space that’s
quite secure you know maybe this is a little business for you Porsche reveals retro style Porsche 911 sport classic
it’s the second heritage design model after last year’s Porsche 911 Targa 4s by the way Eautocar seem to be the only people at work.


This week there’s a decided lack of news from some of the other websites and publications auto express has been particularly dry as have one or two others I think we’re now getting back into a lot of the journalists getting invited to European car launches and things you’ll note that I’m still here and still have time to make this so I’m not one of them I don’t know if that’s affected it in any way anyway back to the story the 911 sport


Classic’s been brazil revealed


Latest entry into Stuttgart’s heritage design collection featuring retro-inspired styling cues in tribute to one of the mark’s most celebrated historic models so these things are great they’ve basically taken the idea of I don’t know if you know singer I seen her take classic Porsches and make them a bit more so and I think Porsche trying to play them at their own game but these are very cool looking I really like that a lot I must admit it’s probably slightly outside my price range however as the 1250 of these that are being made will start at 209 540 pounds the right hand drive version.


This year’s car will make its debut


at this year’s Goodwood festival of speed cool like terrible performance on subscriptions last week 65 percent of people that watched last week’s video were not subscribed if you’re one of them subscribe government to banish boy racers with new noise detecting cameras drivers with nausea exhausts could face fines of up to 50 pound per offense while some cars already break the legal limits drivers of excessively noisy cars are to be targeted by a new former traffic camera that tracks the noise made by passing


Vehicles the cameras automatically


detect vehicles that breach the legal noise limit of 72 dba and forward evidence to local police for review drivers found guilty face a 50 pound fine per offense well I must admit I’m in two minds about this one in one respect these absolute rods that go around with like bait bean can exhaust on one liter Citroen saxos and things like that that they’ve had maps so they sound like they’re farting through a trombone as they go down the road yeah get rid of them but like a lot of cars now have quite a lively sound.

Them especially you know the performance


Cars but the thing for me really is I think we have enough cameras staring at us right now if it’s not all the speed
cameras and parking cameras and congestion zone cameras and people driving around with dash cams and
everything else do we need any more surveillance from the government I don’t think so I’m not a tinfoil hatter I
really don’t care if people can track where I’m going and when and all that sort of stuff but why come on let’s not
have it maybe we as a human race could um just learn to be a bit less anti-social and not act like utter bell ends and maybe if we do that they’ll take some of these cameras away I don’t know right on that happy.